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Thread: K-lite Codec Pack 2.05

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    installed this version of codec pack when it came out had no problems playing many files but when i tried to play the matrix reloaded file The.Matrix.Reloaded.2003.CD1.DVDrip.DivX.AC3-ZEN.avi
    all i see is a black screen with a few coloured diagonal lines running across the screen

    please could anyone help

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    Try playing it in videolan or avi preview, if it doesnt work in there its a dodgey d/l

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    ive tried it on videolan and it works but i want 2 play it on bsplayer to get a better picture output and better sound

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    download the xvid codec by koepi

    xvid codec

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    did you try to go to start klitecodecpack and click on the install xvid

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    there are couple of important codec packages on my site, try them (


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