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Thread: Avi Preview

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    When I'm downloading movie's the avi preview will start running, but no audio or it a fake? it seems to be doing it on all the movies i try

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    Try to use Videolan and install the latest K-Lite codec Pack from here

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    If you want to preview a movie youre currently downloading and avipreview isnt working for you (it doesnt for me either by the way) one way to get around this is to make a copy of the dat file and paste it into another directory. all you need to do then is right click on the copy, select 'open with' and choose Windows Media Player (dont tick the box that says 'always open these file with this program&#39 Now the movie may play (if it isnt fake). If it doesnt then youll need a copy of divfix (its widely available if you havent got it already) Open up divfix and hit the add files button, select files of all types in the drop down menu and select the copy of your dat file. Now hit 'Rebuild' and then try opening the divfix version of your dat file in Windows Media Player. If the movie is in avi format this should work (it always has for me) I hope this helps.

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    One thing to remember is if its not an hash from here and its a new movie out (not a dvd rip etc) or software or anything you will find lots of fakes made by prats who like to waste peoples times and bandwidth.Videolan of nothing.

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    I smell a fake...


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