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Thread: Unable To Boot Volume Error

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    i got winxp pro and wheniturn it on and it start to load xp a blue screen comes up and it says a whole bunch of stuff but the most important THINK ABOUT IT IS THAT IT SAYS UNABLE TO BOOT VOLUME and the computer restarts.
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    reinstall windows, should solve the problem

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    here u go

    When booting up to Win XP you may get a error that reads "Unmountable Boot Volume". This is probably because your boot.ini file is messed up.

        So, what do you do about it, panic and try to mount your boot in your computer...... No that is probably not a good idea.

        You can boot to the XP cd and when you see the Welcome to setup press the letter R
    You will get a dos prompt
    Then type "chkdsk  /p" without the quotes and hit enter
    When that is done type "fixboot" and hit enter
    "Y" and enter at the prompt
    Then type "exit" and hit enter
    The system will now reboot into Windows   

        If for some reason that don't work for you, you can boot to the recovery console like above and...
    Type "chkdsk  /r" then enter
    When done type "exit" and hit enter.
    This will take longer, but the system should boot back into Windows.

    If you have a XP system and don't have a XP CD please download the Windows XP boot disk from our Downloads page and use it instead of the XP CD.
    NOTE: *** The Win XP boot disk takes 6 floppy disks. ***

    Some of you has had an error where it ask for the location of autochk.exe well the correct location of this file is C:\WINDOWS\system32 and you can download it here from our download page by clicking the link. You don't need to do this but it may help if your having trouble.
    hope it helps



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