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Thread: Xdcc Catcher ?

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    Its a program for XDCCs on mIRC , and it stopped working for me. When I manually add a file that I want, it just says Requesting and then Times Out. However, if I try to download the same file using the Invision script for mIRC, it works and Queues up. The problem is, when I download using Invision script, I get disconnected sometimes and my file gets corrupt.

    Has XDCC Catcher stopped working for anyone else? There website seems to be having troubles as well (do a google search and type XDCC Catcher)

    Thanks in advance.

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    not sure why u need a xdcc catcher, if you have a lot of dl then i understand

    i just use a timer on everything lol

    where can i get a xdcc catcher btw?

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    Timer? How does that work? What program?

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    it's not a program its just a command

    type /timer 100 60 /msg fileserver xdcc send #1

    where 100 is how many times you want the the timer to send the command

    60 is intervals in seconds

    pretty useful

    but dont overuse it some xdcc server will ban you for flooding

    good interval is 2 min apart

    good luck


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