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Thread: A Few Questions...

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    I'm currently building two computers. One for myself and One for my brother. Both computers i'll be upgrading existing parts to bring the computer up to speed, so i have a few questions if anyone can answer.

    Comp 1.

    new parts:
    the mb is Asus Motherboard Model# A7N8X Deluxe Retail
    the processor is a amd barton 2500
    ram pc 3200 corsair xms, 512mb

    existing parts:
    40 gb western digital hard drive
    atx midtower case w/ 400 watt powersupply
    64 meg geforce mx440 (to be upgraded to a ati 9600 pro in the next few weeks)

    to be determined:
    this is an easy overclock from a 2500 to a xp3200, so i'll be needing a heavy duty heatsink and some suggestions for other means of cooling. ie... good case fans, a good heatsink that will fit that mb and any other modifications that anyone would suggest.

    Comp 2
    new parts:
    mb - biostar Model# M7NCD pro
    processor barton 2500
    ram pc3200 giel brank w/ heat spreader

    existing parts:
    atx midtower w/ 350 watt powersupply
    80 gig maxtor hd
    ati 9700 pro

    to be determined:
    also going to attempt to oc this one to a 3200xp. need a good heatsink fan on this one also... however there isn't much room to fit one in. the conductors are rather close.

    also... is there a good guide online on how to configure these motherboards and also assemble them. i have worked on the inside of computers before but never fit a processor in a mb or a heatsink for that matter. i'm assuming there isn't that much to it, but i would rather have a good guide to read before i try it.

    if anyone has any good suggestions or any good links i would appreciate it.

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    Overclocking from 2500 to 3200 is imo an unrealistic goal.

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    unless you dont mind blowing up your cpu and mobo sure go ahead


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