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Thread: Gundam Seed

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    Recently I downloaded KaZaA Lite ++, it works really well (auto search more etc)
    But when im downloading anime, such as Gundam Seed, it wont connect to any user
    So im wondering how to fix this. The extra tools K-Dat and K-Sig, how do they exactly work? Can somebody explain?

    Many thanks

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    It's weird because I'm also dowloading Gundam seed with the same version of Klite and I have absolutely no pbs. I'm currently dl the episode 23 and 24.

    Since many users dl those episodes you're maybe just queued: that means you have to wait your turn because other users are already downloading it.

    If you want to know what Kdat and Ksig are, you should check the FAQ, it's all explained.

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    yeah & check the tips section for info on improving your download speeds. Gundam seed is pretty common so speeds should be alright. Best advice i can give is just to leave auto search more running for a while looking for the file while you are downloading it.

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    Ok thnx
    Let's hope that the god damn downloads go faster than 1.00 kb/s

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    U guys btw know an supernode ip? (for Gundam Seed)


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