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Thread: Putting Downloaded Films Onto Dvd Discs

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    Hi there

    I've just downloaded the 3x Monty Python films (Grail/Brian/Meaning) and am looking forward to a retro comedy session watching them on TV via my DVD player.

    Being new to this, I would like to see if there are any favoured ways, and which programs are mainly used to burn them to DVD.

    All the films are on divx and in there downloaded format are greater than 4.7gb.

    There must be a way I can get each film onto one DVD disc and not lose quality.

    How do you work out how much to compress the file?

    Lord of the Rings is on one disc in the shops and is 3.5 hours long.

    I've just downloaded TMPGEnc, my basic grasp of things at the moment makes me think this a program I need.

    I've also had some great advice on how to use Ulead v.7, but I'm not sure if I can use this program to compress, or convert the file in the correct manner.

    Any pointers would be gratefully received.


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    There is a few ways you can get past this. The first and simplest would be just to join all three movies together using a file joiner then encode this new file to dvd using the templates in tmpgenc (theres a whole load of guides available at ). then when you come to author the dvd before burning you could just add the start of each movie as a new chapter so you can skip straight to which movie you want.
    Another way would be just to lower the bitrate settings when youre encoding in tmpgen (it will show you the projected file size so you can just lower it when you get to around 1.5 gig) and then encode all three movies seperately. Neither way is perfect and i wish i could be of more help but its not something ive ever had to do myself, hopefully someone else will post with a better solution but if push comes to shove the first suggestion should work for you.

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    You will need to put them on seperate discs.Heres how I do it,run them through Mainconcept Mpeg encoder and then through Cyberlink Powerproducer.Hey presto,you have an imminent comedy session!

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    Or exactly as above except tmpgenc and cyberlink powerproducer.I dont like MC,i think tmpenc gives better results mate.


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