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Thread: Not Kl Related, But Someone Here Might Know...

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    I've been using computers for about 7 years and I know them pretty well, but I don't know nearly as much as I really should; I've never received this message before and I want to know if you guys recognize it and if you can tell me anything about what it could mean. I was running KL but I had *just* uninstalled it and about three seconds later my screen goes to a dos looking screen, you know, all black, and it says 'windows protection error' and I have to hit a key to shut down.

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    What os are you using?

    this has stuff for 95-me

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    Windows was protecting Klite (dont tell sharman):D now you uninstalled it, so its causing protection error 
    </Joke Mode>

    Googling might help for Windows 98 as well as 95. You might want to try here
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