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Thread: Is There A Program Or Plugin

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    ok i am trying to download the trial version of flash mx from and i am on 56k so my connection fails from time to time but the use a pull down menu and a download button so my flashget download manager will not take over the file is there a program that will or a lil plugin for IE that will give me that download link so i can enter it in flashget or somethin????

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    Highlight it then click CRTL+C then open flashget and click CRTL+V. A pop up will come up and click ok.

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    thats nice to know but it says invaled input i need a program to get the download link

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    or if i knew where internet explorer stored my downloads till they are complete it doesnt have a dat ffile in the directory i chose so i i knew that i could just import the broken download anyone know the directory its stored in??? thx

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    No its your machine watch were it is going just download anything get the folders name then say cancel to the down.

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    i figured out where its going but i cant import it because it says complete on it for some reason


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