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Thread: The best textbook torrent sites or best sites for that?

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    Please help thank you I need to find some books that are very expensive school starts soon thanks for any and all help.
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    bitme is the best one so far

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    Hi thank you for all the responses i see that bibliotik and bitme are invite only trackers so don't think i will get in soon enough.The two books that i need asap are

    Creative Activities for Young Children 9th Edition

    Creative Activities for Young Children by Mary Mayesky

    Textbook Information

    * ISBN-13: 9781428321809
    * Edition Description: REV
    * Edition Number: 9
    * Pub. Date: March 2008
    * Publisher: Cengage Learning


    Early Childhood Education 7th Edition

    Beginnings and Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood Education

    Ann Miles Gordon, Kathryn Williams Browne

    Textbook Information

    * ISBN-13: 9781418048655
    * Edition Description: New Edition
    * Edition Number: 7
    * Pub. Date: March 2007
    * Publisher: Cengage Learning

    Im trying my best to get these books today tyvm for any help. Ps. any more sites?

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    Ps. any more sites?


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