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Thread: Painfully Loud Devices Sound ....

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    ok so there's my problem .... i'm not sure if its more hardware or sofware but for sure we can hear the hardware

    I have that pc for about a yrs now and never experience such problem before ... it started when i did some cleaning and unistalled Zone Alarm ... few days before my antivirus realtime protection would refuse to start. so far so good. however the next time i boot my primary CD drive spin at an incredible speed ... just like it hapen some time for not more than 4 second when the cd inside is painfully scratched or when it go search something at the complete other side of the cd .... however its was a continoous sound ... i fist tougth that my hard drive whent crazy but after paying attention to the noise i figured out that it was my cd .... even if i never done anything that would make that cd launch.... the sound stoped after.

    Next boot i removed the cd from the drive ... the cd drive sound ok .... now its the flopy disk that sound crazy like hell ... he make the sound he'd do when he try to read something on a floppy and then we remove that floppy when he's trying to read .... a lot of impulsion and that for period of like 45 sec

    so i made some test

    so i have 3 drive all linked to the mobo by the same cable

    CD |-
    **ŻŻŻŻ |
    CD |-
    ŻŻŻŻ |
    FD |-
    ŻŻŻŻ |----------------MOBO

    (well the forum would probably destroy my drawing but at least i tryed)

    when there's a cd in CD1 drive .... that drive go crazy , when the cd is in cd2 then cd2 drive go crazy and when there no cd the flopy drive go crazy ... to calm up that floppy drive we need to feed him with floppy but he continue to make the sound however it make the sound of a flopy that is being read rather than a chainsaw sound

    what stange is that song happen when we read / write the HD ... like if b4 being able to read info on the HD window check both cd drive and floppy... but in the attemp to check that drive he's unable to do anything wich cauze the devide to spin at high speed.

    what is even strangier is that dispite the fact those device make awfull sound they actually work well

    now considering that yesterday everything worked perfectly can this be caused by some virus / misconfigured window ... or something actually happen to the hardware

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    Are you sure the FD isn't on a seperate cable?


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