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Thread: Whats With All The Junk Movie Files?

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    [FONT=Impact][FONT=Optima]hey all-
    lust wondering if i am missing something. latley about 90% of the movie files i try and download end just black, or corrupt files, or this black screen that flashes a divx logo slowley. and when i search a paticular user, they'll have like 35 files of one movie and non of them work. various files sizes, and names( tmd, blue group, meg) but all junk??? am i missing a codec? whats the point of keeping all these non-working files around?
    opinions please...

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    i have never seen any of those problems.

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    yes theres fakes assholes put them out nothing we can do but lok at varfieds and haev a hard time finding source

    so f*ck that I say and use BT

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    yep those r rthe fakes....

    just delete them ( if u get 1 )


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