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Thread: Hard Drive Killer Pro

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    In case the RIAA come to your door

    Hard Drive Killer Pro

    The Hard Drive Killer Pro series of programs offer one the ability to fully and permanently destroy all data on any given Dos or Win3.x/9x/NT/2000 based system. In other words, 90% of the computers world wide.

    The program, once executed, will start eating up the hard drive, and/or infect and reboot the hard drive within a few seconds. After rebooting, all hard drives attached to the system would be formatted (in an unrecoverable manner) within only 1 to 2 seconds, irregardless of the size of the hard drive. The program has reported to have caused physical damage to some hard drives (on many occasions). However, the program was not in any way designed to cause physical damage, only data. The outcome of the program depends on the version you download. We suggest you download the full HDKP 4.0 version. Then, once you are familiar with HDKP, you may experiment with HDKP 5.0 Beta.

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    Heheh yea I used to use that

    I hacked my own though heheh heres a tip:

    Create 5 user names for Win XP,

    In four of them put an executable hack like HDKP to run on start up.

    Now the FBI has to try to guess which one to log into (that is if your out when they nic your computer).

    4/5 times they'll help you go free

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