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Thread: Guide For Making Good Video Files

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    Hi everybody !

    How many times have you dowloaded a file and had the bad surprise to find a video with a very bad quality ???

    Personnally, I can't remember how many times it happened !!!!

    Never wanted to know how other users could share all those new movies ?
    Never wanted to make your own ones and make them in a good quality so that anybody dowloading them is happy in front of the chef d'oeuvre ?
    (It also works for users making shit)

    Well, time has come :
    Here are a few tips on how to make good video files from a DVD.
    It can be films, TV-shows, manga or whatever as long as it's on a DVD.

    You have to proceed by steps:

    1. Select the DVD you want to make available for others ( or 4 u )
    2. Rip it
    3. Encode it ( with the DivX or Xvid codec)
    4. Share it

    And now you're going to say : what is that suppose to mean ?

    If you are interested by the subject, go to - The definitive DVD backup resource

    Here you will find very good guides already written on how to make high quality video files from DVD.

    Personnally, I recommand you to use Gordian Knot for making them. It's a pack (well 2 packs) where you will find everything you need to do it.
    But please, FIRST read carefully the guide related to Gknot. The quality of your files depends on it.

    The bigger your final file will be, the better quality you'll have BUT a normal movie shoudn't take more than 700 MB = 1 CD-R ( in order to burn it) and 1400 MB = 2 CD-R for a long movie like " The Lord of the Ring".

    Last advice: you have better results with the DivX codec for films, sitcoms and better results with Xvid for anime, manga.

    Hope I helped you a bit. If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer you !

    Even users with few computer knowledge can do it. So try it and make it possible to always find on Klite good quality files !!!

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    Originally posted by John Doe1@16 October 2003 - 12:54
    If you are interested by the subject, go to - The definitive DVD backup resource

    Here you will find very good guides already written on how to make high quality video files from DVD.
    The magic words.

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    Originally posted by MUSLEMAN@17 October 2003 - 05:00
    dvd help
    no need to go any further.

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    another good reference site

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    The best hand holding step by step guides I have ever found for using the freeware DVDx to convert to just about any format out there is:

    Afonic DVD-Rip Guides -
    Learn How To Backup Your DVDs Fast And Easy!

    Mirrors are:
    Main Site - The main site of the site - contains no ads.

    Mirror Server 1 - Very fast server without ads! Use it! Provided by AUTH.

    Mirror Server 2 - Another server, which contains pop-ups.


    Guides include but are not limited to:

    DVD To DVD
    DVD To DivX
    DVD To VCD
    DVD To VOB

    Plus many more

    The main site and the mirrors get a lot of traffic so if you know anyone that can mirror the site please have then contact the web master.


    17/10/03 - Site is back, sorry for the down time but we had some problems with the main server, which are now, I hope solved. Also I want to thank you because we have exceeded the number of 50,000 page loads, which is big enough, if you think that this site exists less than three months! So, stay tuned and happy rippin!

    Be Afonic DVD-Rip Guides Associate!
    If you want to help us by writing your own guides or translating our guides to other languages, send us an email. Help us grow bigger!


    These guides are so good I had a hard time accessing the site due to the traffic.
    I got smart and printed the guides to PDF files so I had then up and offline anytime I was using DVDx.

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    man it doesnot get any easier than

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    Originally posted by MUSLEMAN@20 October 2003 - 19:29
    man it doesnot  get any easier than
    I remember a study/research done three years back, by Forester, about how PC users download so many softwares to do ONE JOB. The results were amazing; for example, on an average, PC users have about 10 different programs for making Music; 12 different programs to make Movies; 20 different programs for each simple tasks such as "cut/paste", "run tasks-batching", "themes", "visualizations" and worst of all was the Multimedia Plugin with over 40 per Player (at least 5 players per user).

    Yet, when asked how often do u use these products, the answer was the same in 94% of the asked, RARELY to EVER.


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