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Thread: Help With Svcds

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    Hey.. I just downloaded school of rock off of, (school of rock vcd ts-logistic), and inside there are two cue files and two bin files... i tried using daemon tools on each of the files, but they wouldn't play on my computer.. (it said 'class factory cannot supply requested class&#39... is there any way i can make this work on my computer, or does svcd mean i have to burn it to play it on some kind of external player?

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    not that a know a lot about svcd's
    but i don't think they involve bin and cue files, they are for programs.

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    Mate have u tried playing it with powerdvd or windvd?.You could also open it with vcdgear then convert the bin to mpeg.Or if you have a dvdplayer at home that supports svcd ,burn it to cd.

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    should play in videolan, are get vcdgear to extract the mpegs to watch with wmp or whatever you use, you will need the mpeg2 codec to play that way
    read about svcd and vcds here

    probley the easiest way will be just download videolan


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