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Thread: Winamp 5

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    Winamp 5.0beta 10/13/03
    * modern skin updates :
    - fixed win98 crash with desktopalpha skins
    - fixed pledit jumping on top of main window when docked and interacting with config drawer
    - fixed avs hiding main window when docking to editor
    - fixed vis gammagroup filtering
    - fixed bgr color for pledit scrollbar background in v1.0 skins
    - fixed rare crash on skinswitch
    - added timers resolution autodetection
    - added configuration of text scrolling speed
    - added vis_cfg action to toggle vis cfg window via button
    - fixed config drawer tabs moving the app when not selected
    - added enable docking checkbox and docking distance editobox in prefs
    - added tooltip checkbox in prefs
    - fixed tooltip stealing focus from popup menus
    - added support for noresize flag in embedwnd so that it spawns the right container
    - added notransparency flag for embedwnd, made milkdrop use it
    - fixed potential aot reset by embedwnd (ie, milkdrop)
    - fixed slow text ticker, made it use timerclient_getSkipped to have consistent speed regardless of timer resolution
    - added timer resolution in prefs page
    - added link ratio & alpha in prefs page
    - fixed empty popups in pledit menubar, commandbuttons and ml menubar when no playlist or devices are available
    - fixed "mono" display when nothing playing, made songinfo update faster after clicking play
    - separated link position & link width for main winshade window, changed default to link all
    - removed move="1" for song title display on main window normal and shade modes
    - fixed click on beatvis that would sometime fail to toggle active status
    - added gammagroup xml param to vis objects
    - made switching to windowshade open undocked video & vis when video is playing or vis is visible, docks back when coming back to normal mode
    * made library able to update info on files that dont support tag writing when tag writing is checked
    * fixed burning bug when using certain .WAV output settings
    * enabled burning on multiple devices simultaneously
    * made Winamp check to see if AVS or milkdrop is running fullscreen before starting video playback, and remove
    fullscreen if necessary
    * made AVS and Milkdrop check for video playback before going fullscreen (milkdrop uses fake mode, AVS complains)
    (to avoid DirectDraw crash)

    Winamp 5.a10 10/10/03:
    * fixed library's playlist buttons
    * cleaned up prefs for steve some
    * fixed crash bugs in AVS, added new AVS effects from Unconed and Tom Holden
    * made doubleclick in AVS go fullscreen
    * made AVS autodetect video modes for fullscreen if necessary
    * updated to latest veritas SDK (should prompt for reboot if necessary now)
    * new milkdrop that integrates better, and fixes bugs, and is smaller
    * fixed tagz '?' lameness
    * modern skin updates :
    - fixed aot changes not being detected
    - fixed elapsed/remaining toggle not being forwarded
    - fixed right key in menubar when menu item selected is a submenu, fixed left when in a submenu, fixed right after hovering on an submenu item, phew!
    - fixed left/right keys seeking while in a menubar
    - fixed guru due to custom checkbox accessing nonexisting layouts because they are now dynamic, made them use configattributes
    - made vis & video open undocked when in windowshade mode

    Download link

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    Is this still the Alpha One?

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    Originally posted by Wizzandabe@16 October 2003 - 21:32
    Is this still the Alpha One?
    no beta

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    I seen it said "Beta" but sometimes Alpha, comes under beta, I might grab this.

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    Originally posted by Wizzandabe@16 October 2003 - 21:35
    I seen it said "Beta" but sometimes Alpha, comes under beta, I might grab this.
    look the changelog:
    Winamp 5.a10 10/10/03
    Winamp 5.0beta 10/13/03

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    I like 2.9 works good so far
    have you tried the enhancer, wow what a great add on

    put it on general improvements and be shocked at the sound

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    I use Winamp 2.95 with DFX 6.40

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    Thanks For The Update IKE

    BTW I Use Winamp 2.95 With Dee2

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    I've got dfx 6.40 allso, but I still can't get the same sound out of it that I get from the enhancer, it really makes a big difference, just haven't been able to duplicate it on dfx
    give it a go with general improvments and tell me what you think.

    BTW: thanks for the update

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    Infested Cats's Avatar Mike Victory
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    Originally posted by muchspl2@16 October 2003 - 16:55
    have you tried the enhancer, wow what a great add on
    Just tried it, and all I've got to say is "wow."

    I've been using Dee3, and it was good, but even though the Enhancer is an older plugin, it matches, if not beats, the Dee3 in performance.

    Thanks for the reccomendation.

    Also, {I}{K}{E}, I don't know if that's your winamp in those pictures you posted, but I really like those skins... any idea of their names?

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