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    I just got DSL, but for some reason i can only download stuff at like 26 kbps max. Isn't DSL supposed to download at like 60-80? It says its connected at 100 mbps. Also how do I set Internet Explorer as my default browser?

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    downloading only matters how fast the uploader can upload. i can download at multiple mb/s, but i can only upload 250 kb/s max.
    and usually it doesn't max out.

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    I don't think thats the problem. It does that even when i dl from the internet, and i've never been able to get it past 26.

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    And anyway you're d/l-ing with the speed of 26 kilo bytes per second not bits per second, difrence you ask ? 8 times faster
    Also sources that you're d/l from may be slow, find some more, and try jumping super nodes, that can help ya.

    About IE, what operating system you have ?

    BTW. This should be in "Questions" and not in "Filesharing"

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    Also depends on what kind of service you are on. Where I am lower level DSL service is only 3x faster than dial up, next step up is 50x faster on DSL.

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    Try the bandwidth tests at this website to see if your connection is working properly.


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