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Thread: Donnie Darko

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    Anyone see this movie? I really loved it because of the complexity and how bizarre and unexpected everything that happens is. It reminds me of the twilight zone series or those "cube" movies. Anyway, my problem is I understand like 3/4 of the movie... but starting at one distinct point is where I lose the meaning. I've watched the part over and over but still can't get it. Can anyone fill me in on what really happens starting with... you know towards the end on Halloween I believe, when Donnie goes to the old ladys house, to ask her some questions about time travel..? Well, when he goes in the two kids that were bothering his gf in the beginning are there and they hold knives to the neck of each of them. First off, why were the two moron guys at the old ladies house to begin with? Then a fight ensues, and a car pulls up with the guy in the clown mask, who happens to be his friend I believe.. now, the other guy is wearing the "evil rabbit" suit.. but here's the thing - it was a regular guy underneath the suit... so what was the "evil rabbit" all along anyway, was it that guy, or still an illusion? If not, why does he happen to have that same suit? What are donnie's true motivations at lighting that guys house on fire and breaking the pipe? It seems to me he didn't even realize what he had done until it was over,but I can't tell. And if his meds are supposed to work why does he still trip out right after taking them (a few times, I think)? lastly, the ending... what the hell happens here? It seems like the family (not donnie) went through the time portal, therefore, how did he end up at the beginning again?

    Maybe this was just one of those movies that wasn't supposed to make complete sense (or maybe i'm an idiot)

    Thanks for any insight you have

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    ok the rabbit guy i m guessing is like a spirit.

    In the movie theatre when Donnie asked Frank waht happened to his eye. At the end you realize Donnie shot Frank in the eye hence the eye injury.

    He went through the wormhole to stop the grief that will take place. He did not want his GF to die and stuff

    in other words i dont know either

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    Originally posted by judgeofallandnothing@16 October 2003 - 23:57
    In the movie theatre when Donnie asked Frank waht happened to his eye. At the end you realize Donnie shot Frank in the eye hence the eye injury.

    Donnie used a knife in the bathroom to stab the rabbit in the eye.
    Remember when there was an image in the mirror and Donnie went mad with a Knife.

    When Donnie asked the rabbit about his eye in the cinema,he gave him this look which made him realise what he had done to him.

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    i thought the movie was played in a back to front fashion the old lady studied time travel and them worms that came out of their chests had something to do with it but donnie darko shot the guy in the eye remember the guy who at the end wore the rabbit suit so the plane so i think it had to do with the time tunnels i really didn't get it too

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    there are 2 schools of though here

    1) donnie was killed by the falling airplane engine the first time and the whole story in the film was his imagination because he did not want to die without feeling love.

    2) the whole time travel thing is true. donnie is like the chosen one who must close the worm hole otherwise the world will end in 28 days. donnie is meant to have the ability to control time, water and metal and have general superpowers. thats how he manages to stick the axe into the school statue and break the water main in the school without killing himself.

    the website will shed some light on the whole theory behind time travel and donnies superpowers if you want to check it out.

    donnie shots frank in the eye thats how he gets the hole there. in the bathroom when he tries to stab him in the eye he is stopped by a forcefield if you look carefully since the perpective does not really show this too well.

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    silly movie didnt like it at all no tits in it

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    1) donnie was killed by the falling airplane engine the first time and the whole story in the film was his imagination
    This is my opinion too....or caused through his mental illness.I'm sure he was visting a shrink and on medication.I think it was all in his mind.

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    it was all a dream fait allowed him to choose at the end when he wakes up he had the choice a) move outta his bed and follow that destiny ( most of the movie is about this choice through a dream) b)to stay in his bed and die wich he chooses thus changeing the future where his gf dies

    and since he chooses B) every thing in the movie (up till donnie makes his chioce) is all a dream no evil bunnie never really gets to meet his tru love all of it a dream and thats why i found the movie to be kinda sad you know but the movie its self was awsome i loved it i havnt seen it in over 2 years about but i completly remember it because it was such a good movie it was great i think im gonna dl it again and wach it again

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    The theatre is the most important part of the movie. A couple things you have to realize:

    The movie is "The Last Temptation of Christ". If you look at the broad idea of the movie, its that if Donnie lives, then many others die. But if Donnie chooses to do, he saves many lives (Like Jesus...).

    One idea behind why he is even given a choice is because some "Divine" force wanted him to see the good parts of his life (like his girlfriend) before he died.

    And the theatre, Donnie says "Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?" and Frank says "Why do you wear that stupid human suit?". What I think this means is that since Donnie isn't really alive at that time...I mean, he is. But...ya know, its irony or something.

    Donnie askes Frank what happened to his eye, and Frank says "I'm so sorry". Because Frank killed Donnie's girlfriend.

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    ok this is it ........ frank and his fathers i guess were time travelers ..... Why did the rabbit save donnies life? So that in the end he would kill him to end the cycle ...which he did ...why else would the rabbit save him? 2 donnie decieded to make his own choice go back and die so his girl would live.. simple i can make i could give u 2 pages on these few sentences.
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