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Thread: Scanner

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    well 2yrs have passed by w/o a need for my scanner and i finally found it, im by closet collecting dust...plugged it in and lit up (lol) after bout 5min on google i got to the scanners website and got the newst i cant figure out how to scan...

    i have photoshop 7 and image ready 7
    when i try both proggys...i get this....

    and then this...everything is plugged in and shit...

    Scanmaker 3630, made by microtek

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    does windows detect it? goto add remove hardware and see if it see it, if not force it to load, you might need drivers from the manufactures website

    allso should have came with some anning software, my hp did, but don't know the name off hand cause like you I haven't had to scan anything in years

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    its there and all, i got the drivers from the website, but still nothin??

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    did it come with software?
    I never used photoshop to scan, it came with a program to scan

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    it came wit drivers cd, but that was all, i lost it now, and i use to run win98 (dont flame&#33 and i used the windowx imaging thing...but theres a thing in XP but shes not wanntin to detect my printer...

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    this is hopeles..

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    i prefer using Microsoft Photo Editor (included in Office).... to scan things.... its a simple prog for what you need....try it out


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