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Thread: Trying To Get These Movies

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    hi guys, this is my first post on here, looks really usefull though.

    I am looking for the following films

    bad boys 2 , kill bill, spirited away

    they all need to be avi files or mpg.

    they can t have any compressed coding such as divx because i need to put them on dvd.

    file names would be usefull and any other thing i could do to speed up kazaa lite.

    (not quite understanding the whole supernode thing)

    please someone get back and help a weary man!



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    Here are hashes for Spirited Away:

    File: Spirited.Away.Limited.DVDRip.DivX.CD1-DVL.ShareReactor.avi
    Length: 715405312 Bytes,698638KB
    UUHash: =7l728DBAzEFg8e/WO5Zrl3bAacs=

    File: Spirited.Away.Limited.DVDRip.DivX.CD2-DVL.ShareReactor.avi
    Length: 710518784 Bytes,693866KB
    UUHash: =uH67GvXD+OH7BpKd5ejaTSEIGiw=

    Copy and paste them in K-sig, restart K-lite and wait for the dl to start...

    As for Bad Boys 2 and Kill Bill, I really doubt you will find them on the fasttrack network... yet. Try Bittorent ( guide to bittorent

    edit: ooops, posted too fast you'll find hashes for Kill Bill in this topic

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    thanks, spirited away looks like a divx file to me there, i need straight forward avi's or mpg's.

    ill try bitttorent though

    thanks again


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    just so you can put divx movies on vcd/dvd...most movies shared on kazaa are divx.

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    ok thanks

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    eehh I don't know really but a movie not compressed with divx xvid or whatever codec would be enormous right? like 4-5 Gb

    good luck dnloading that on slow-ass-kazaa

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    ok how would u go about putting a divx file on dvd?, tmpgnc doesnt do it, and no u can get straight forward avi's, example: bad_boys2.avi

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    I use EOVideo ( to convert to mpeg format, and then use Nero Burner ( to convert/burn into VCD format to watch movies on my dvd player

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    thanks for all your replys, i can encode the following file to mpg2 but i get no picture only audio.


    it plays on my divx player, i have all the latest codecs etc, whats the problem , how do i get it to encode with video also



    thanks for all your help

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    do you have a real DivX codec installed? or are you using some other filter/decoder that is just able to play DivX? that might affect your ability to re-encode DivX files.

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