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Thread: Download Help

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    i downloaded emule and i am trying to find neverwinter knights. but i can't find it anywere someone plz help find it
    (remember i am new at this)

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    wots the game for (pc or is it a ROM) bcause emule is rly slow. i wod say use kazaa lite but its all virus's and stuff but um depends how big the file is (400mb or more is best not to use emule bcause its so slow) (but kazaa lite u always "need more sources" so that takes ages as well and u will pro get about 3 virus str8 away if ur a noob at downloading and stuff. so in conclusion buy the game or risk getting a virus wiv kazaa lite]

    (i hav no orignal )

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    There are hundreds of sources for Never WInter Nights on eMule. when searching on eMule put Global (Server) in the Method window.

    and make sure you have a good .met address with 150-200 servers or more


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