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Thread: Q Fever

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    has anyone herd of this ?

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    Originally posted by Wrongturn@17 October 2003 - 05:47
    has anyone herd of this ?
    Q Fever

    A usually mild disease most common among dairy workers and slaughterhouse workers. caused by a RICKETTSIA germ. It gets its name from first being described in the state of Queeensand(Hence Q)

    Infection often follows from contact with infected cows, sheep or goats, or from inhaling dust contaminated by the faeces or urine of these animals.

    The symptoms include chills and fever, headache, and persistant cough. Infection in the lungs is likely.

    Like other diseases caused by rickettsia, Q Fever is generally treated with antibiotics. If untreated, repeat acute attacks may occur and recovery may be slow.

    Your spelling of heard(herd) was prophetic. Hope you have not got it.
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    eerk... sounds nasty


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