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Thread: Best Web Site Host?

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    Greenock, Scotland
    I Want Lots Of Space And Bandwith.....Hopefully No Banner Ads(pop ups ok) allowed to upload lots of diff files ie .jpg/gif/psd etc all for free help

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    How much space are you figuring on ?

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    Alright here you go, your sweetest dream coming true! (must be in US)
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    Johnny Rotten
    Try , you can host porn or whatever you want on there. I have a site there. you get an ftp to upload to and it doesn&#39;t have it&#39;s own html editor so you have to know html. But as far as I can tell you get alot of space with it. Only draw back it you only get to have like 12 html pages , after that it shows porn ads. is my site. It puts some spyware on your pc though, so be sure you got spybot and adaware 6


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