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    Users Registered 6,153
    Users Unverified 19
    Male Users 433
    Female Users 21
    Torrents 306
    Total Peers Ratio 1,527
    Seeders 1,315
    Leechers 212
    Leechers/Seeders (%)620

    The Tracker has The Following Categories

    3D AppDev Apps Art Audio Books Business CBT Cafe CBT Nuggets College Lectures Computer Books Digital Art Documentaries Early Learning Exams Q/A Fitness Fonts Gnomon Hobbies KeyStone Knowledgenet Languages LearnKey LearnVisualStudio Linux M.O.C. MAC/HYBRID Magazines Magic Medical Misc Misc e-Books Misc Video Music Past Times PDA/Mobile Plugins Political Spirituality Sports TestKing Testout Total Training Trades Trainsignal Video Tutorials VTC Web Design

    Power User Must have been be a member for at least 4 weeks, have uploaded at least 25GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05.
    The promotion is automatic when these conditions are met. Note that you will be automatically demoted from

    Why can't my friend become a member?
    There is a 75.000 users limit. When that number is reached we stop accepting new members. Accounts inactive for more than 42 days are automatically deleted, so keep trying. (There is no reservation or queuing system, don't ask for that.)
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    Learn Bits

    2007/12/05 update





    User Class


    Invite-Power User can get invite, you can request more invite in the forum
    HNR-No restrict
    Account Delete- 42days inactive
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    # of torrents: 6,021
    # of members: 8,429
    # of seeders: 8,996
    # of leechers: 171

    pretime: n/a
    speed: 4 (speeds vary a lot, some boxes and fast home connections)
    content: 5 (cant sort by size to see if any nice packs)
    overall: 5

    Invites: Sort of open. "INACTIVE - INVITES ARE CURRENTLY DISABLED" in bonus shop but "Any member wishing to invite a friend to LearnBits may refer that person to wait patiently on our IRC channel for a staff member to screen them for a new account. The links are plainly posted for all to see and use."

    Free leech: about 350 (many/most only for vip? can buy vip in shop) free torrents and bonus shop

    Ratio: Easy. (pretty easy with seeding points to get great ratio, both bitme and LB as moderate, I dont think so )

    Notes: Well worth having.
    LSS #1

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    Thx, done it.


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