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Thread: Insane Team Review

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    insane Team




    Browse Seed:

    Members List:

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    # of torrents: 24727 with 20490 alive
    # of members: 31497
    # of seeders: 89351
    # of leechers: 6604

    pretime: 5 (picked a few at random and they were in the fifteen min to hour range)
    speed: 8 (speeds are usually very good, many seedboxes and lots of seeders, no experience with old torrents here)
    content: 8 (many releases, has a few hundred packs)
    overall: 8

    Invites: Invite only. Some people say no invites available but I have one (and no you cant have it). You can buy them in the shop but they are "1db Meghívó" and I have no idea what the "db" means .

    Free leech: Has had sitewide, 2497 torrents currently free, has +upload bonus on many torrents (up to 4x?), has bonus points shop.

    Ratio: easy. You can pretty much bank on anything big, new, Hungarian and free being a ratio goldmine (example: friends 40gb and 3755 snatches is win).

    Notes: A solid site to have.

    edit: better add that this tracker is not RIP but reinvented itself. Also the "db" might mean TB, one tb+300 points for an invite?

    edit2: yes it is the same tracker as you got stats transferred when you signed up.
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    Alrighty, brought back from the dead. Is that a fake login page?
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Awful looking banner, but at least it has more peers than UK-T and FSC combined.

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    Different url now they are newinsane and not insane.

    Different look to the site now. Even more info on browse page and is a nice dark colour with a swimming sea turtle thing, not too bad.


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