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Thread: CN Review

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    here is review of secret tracker COSANOSTRA !!! aka CN

    i put extra request section. very nice for get old stuff you find no other places.
    i will keep post updated when something new interesting shows up.


    Main Page:


    Rules: (normal)


    Games / casino:


    and best part!!! free invites for many sites!

    this tracker is like PTN but much better. more movies, better comunity, free invites for other trackers, etc etc.
    i recommend level 8 because is very very hard have invites.

    i got by trade and was needed FTN acc + TT inv. so you see hard it is.

    i want wish GL every1 wanting to join Mafia site



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    add these pics to the CN review
    any snitches who try to take these down i will reup in a second lol





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    CN Overview

    On the surface CN is a dedicated movies tracker, but peel back the layers and you will notice that it is so much more. Our focus is on all types movies, regardless of language, genre or format.
    CN is a tracker that prides itself on striving to be different as well as being quality conscious. It is a community that values social cohesion and interaction with each other. A place where we want hardcore movie lovers and the more casual movie watchers come together to discuss and share their opinions and recommendations on their favourite films.
    It is a place that puts file sharing above all; meaning we absolutely encourage seeding and leeching as opposed to buffering and ratio whoring. People with seedboxes and fast connections are always welcome to help boost overall speed, but those who do not have either, need not be intimidated. A fast connection is certainly not a requirement to "survive" at CN.
    While CN does maintain a somewhat strict inactivity policy, we feel it is only fair and reasonable, as CN is a place where every member should play their part and contribute to the community and tracker. If you have no intentions of doing so, then simply put, CN is not for you. Most of the disabled users you see on the site statistics are due to inactivity.
    Together with a unique and comprehensive promotion system which requires all-rounded site activity to advance and a simple but brilliant seeding and bonus system that doesn’t exist elsewhere, maintaining a ratio is not a problem for even the user with the slowest connection.
    In a nutshell, if you are looking for an extremely tight-knit community, unique tracker features found nowhere else, enjoy and love movies, are willing to play a role in achieving something bigger than yourself, CN is the place for you.

    CN Features

    1)Advanced User Class Promotion System
    2)Mafia Operations
    3)The Shops
    4)Renaming Accounts (Donors Only)
    5)Invite System (Enabled)
    6)Deleting Accounts (Disabled)
    7)Changing E-Mails (Disabled)
    8)Proxy/Anonymous Browsing (Disabled)

    The Advanced User Promotion System

    CN feels that simply measuring members upload/download stats are simply not accurate in determining what a truly active member is. As such, CN uses a system that takes into account all-rounded activity in the site. Simply put, if you want to be promoted, you need to show you are interacting with the site with more than just having a fast connection and uploading tons of GBs, or TBs for those crazies out there.

    This also ensures we are not prejudiced to the normal people who may not have fast connections as they can make up for activity in other ways. Basically we use a fairer system of activity assessment that takes into account all types of users.
    Factors that are taken into account are as follows:

    1.Forum Posting
    2.Membership Length
    3.Snatched Torrents
    4.Uploaded Torrents
    5.Torrent Seeding
    6.Filled Request
    7.Torrent Comments
    Some factors are compulsory while others are optional in getting promoted. These factors are calculated in the form of rep points.

    Mafia Operations

    Mafia Operations are essentially bonus multipliers that aid you as a member of the site. They range from increasing seeding bonuses to decreasing download amount. These are just one of the perks for being promoted, and the multipliers increase as you reach higher ranks.

    Mafia Weapons

    Mafia Weapons are one of the criteria for being promoted. Also, they look kick ass and are displayed inventory-style in your user details page. Collect them all.

    The Shops

    The Weapons shop is where weapons are bought.
    The Bonus Shop is where you can use your cash to buy things that range from Upload Credit to Personal Freeleeches.
    Extras Shop allows you to buy your custom title and hand out Cash Gifts to friends.


    Since we are a movie site, CN has crafted our forums to reflect and focus on these aspects. They include the following sections:

    1.General Movie Topics
    2.Director/Producer Discussion
    3.Actors Discussion
    4.Upcoming Movie Trailers and Discussion
    5.Movie Reviews

    In order to add a unique touch to the forum discussions, special topical sections have been created. They include:

    1.Organized Crime News and Discussion
    2.Self-Improvement and Peer Help Discussion
    3.Sex and Dating Discussion
    4.Gambling and Games of Chance Discussion
    5.Drug and Experiences Discussion

    Different forums will also unlock as you get promoted. These forums have themed topics for them, so it will not be your typical "Welcome X user..." threads only. Some examples are TV and Games discussion/reviews forums that are unlocked for certain classes.

    User Classes

    Associate: Default User Class
    Uploaded 50GB
    Downloaded 25GB
    Requires 1 Tier One Weapon + 100 Reputation Points

    Uploaded 200GB
    Downloaded 100GB
    Requires 1 Tier Two Weapon + 300 Reputation Points

    Uploaded 600GB
    Downloaded 300GB
    Requires Weapons Mastery Rank + 700 Reputation Points

    Uploaded 1.2TB
    Downloaded 700GB
    Requires 2 Crew Positions + 1200 Reputation Points

    Uploaded 1.2TB
    Downloaded 700GB
    Requires 5 Crew Positions + 1800 Reputation Points

    Goodfellas: Assigned by staff as consistent and regular torrent uploaders

    Goomba: Assigned by staff as Elite members of the community

    Wiseguy: Assigned by staff as established tracker staff at other communities

    Caporegime: Site Moderator

    Consigliere: Site Supervisor

    Underboss: Site Administrator

    Don: Site Sysop

    Godfather: Site Owner


    All users can upload content.


    The staff at CN takes pride in our membership and as such, any user can PM any staff user at anytime whether on IRC or on site, for any matter or query. Patience and friendliness are what the staff believe in.
    The only users that will have problems with staff are users who refuse to respect and follow the rules of the site.


    None of the files shown here are actually hosted on this server. The links are provided solely by this site's users. These BitTorrent files are meant for the distribution of backup files. By downloading the BitTorrent file, you are claiming that you own the original file. The administrator of CN holds NO RESPONSIBILITY if these files are misused in any way and cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of it.
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    Dedicated community oriented movie tracker.








    top 10




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    They now accept applications.

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    looks ok gl on recruiting and i still prefer TL blows away all theses funny sites

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    Hey Quylui, good job getting into CN.

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    who can tell me CN`S irc?

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    Definitely a fan of CN, been a member for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xisabella View Post
    who can tell me CN`S irc?
    Check here:

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