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    Firstly, BitHQ is the best DVDR tracker i have ever been to and I highly recommend it! Here will give you a glimpse of whats inside

    Categories :

    in addition to the categories, you can search by using their Tags system :
    Tags :

    There are a great deal of tags so you prolly can find what you are looking for!
    News / Homepage / Site layout :

    Notice the Collapse feature
    Browse :

    Forums :

    With userclass specific forums, speaking of classes...
    User Classes :

    It is very easy to seed here so it wont be very hard to get up in the user ranks, just time and activity
    Bank :

    How to earn and use Bitz (the point system):
    Bitz can be earned through several ways and you will also be able to lose them through several other ways:

    Bitz you can earn:

    - For every 15 minutes seeding*: 0.05 Bitz
    - For every uploaded MB: 0.70 Bitz
    - Saying thanks through the thanks button**: 0.20 Bitz
    - Leaving a comment on a torrent**: 0.50 Bitz
    - For every forum post you make: 0.50 Bitz
    - For every rating you give on a torrent: 5.00 Bitz
    - For every poll you participate in: 10.00 Bitz
    - For writing a review: 150.00 Bitz
    - For every uploaded torrent: 250.00 Bitz
    - For filling a request: 250.00 Bitz
    - Through interest in our bank***: XXX Bitz
    - Winning the lottery****: XXX Bitz
    - Becoming a vip*****: XXX Bitz

    Bitz you can lose:

    - For every downloaded MB: -0.20 Bitz
    - Buying lottery tickets: -100.00 Bitz
    - When your requested torrent gets filled: -250.00 Bitz
    - For every torrent you have uploaded and delete after uploading: -250.00 Bitz

    * This will count for each seed seperately, with or without leechers.
    ** The Bitz for saying 'thanks' will only work once for each torrent, so make your decision wisely
    *** This depends on the amount of money deposited and the chosen interest rate.
    **** This depends on the total people playing in the lottery.
    ***** See the donate page for more information.
    ****** Spamming in the forums or trying any other ways out to avoid the system (like rating all torrents) and to get more Bitz will be seen as cheating, this may result in a lifetime ban!
    [u]The Gamehall :

    The stats :

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    BitHQ is a fabulous tracker for movies. It has a lot of foreign movies and has many great features like a Gamehall (for extreme users and up only) and a bank. The dealership lets you buy ratio, invites, and a custom title using bitz. You can also send bitz to other users if you are a power user and there is a lottery where you can gamble your bitz to win even more bitz.


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    10 + is a goog tracker

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    looks fine but too plain


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