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Thread: Dvd To Avi/vcd

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    ok heres my prob, i have a dvd and a cd-rw, I live in Thailand so all the dvd's standard language is Thai, but you of course can switch to English. However when I used DVD2avi following a guide from the kvcd forum the language that came out was Thai...thats no good for me. Id like to know how to rip the dvd so that the audio is English. Also I read that Fat32 does not support files larger than 4 gig, however most all dvd's r larger than this so how do u go around it? Also I think it would be easier for me if I could just use a prog that could make a near exact copy of the dvd in avi/divx format (In English of course), then I could convert that to vcd with a different prog. Basically what prog could i use for this? I see on Bittorrent all the time dvd rips of movies that are in divx/avi format, what do they use for those cause if I could get that far I could convert them to VCD's to play inour player. Thanx.

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    when a mod moves this to movieworld, you'll get some answers

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    I see y youre not a mod browser, just curious as to what wouold be your basis for moving this to Movieworld when im asking about a prog to rip a dual language DVD in English to avi/divx...

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    hey boss you got me with this one but i think english is an option in the settings and not the mpeg its self then there is no way for you to rip it as english but again i'm not sure lets see what every body else has to say

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    In the audio options under track choose 1 for english.The tracks mean different lanuages.

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    Well actually i chose 1 for the audio but the default language is Thai, maybe if i chose track 2 instead that would be the English?? Ill have to try again, but there r like 10 audio tracks and id really hate to rip the same dvd 10 times to find out the last track is English so is there any way to check on that part?? thx


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