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Thread: Blackcats-Games Review

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    Blackcats Games is the best tracker for games in my opinion, and few would argue.

    Speeds are pretty good and seeding is rather easy, especially with their points system.







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    Currently the best games tracker in terms of quantity/quality of content.
    Speeds are decent for most files.


    User Classes


    Will be updated.

    What makes the tracker special?

    SP (Seed Points) system, encouraging leeching of old files or helping people with low upload speed to enjoy the tracker instead of having worries about the ratio.

    BCG is currently under massive changes and only when it is done will I edit this post to a more complete review.
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    OK not sure if this will work, proper formatting etc, but this is our SP FAQ For newbies from our forum (more people and more important, new, wanabee members, may read it here and know what its about before they join)

    What is the Seed Points mod?

    Our Seed Points mod is an exclusive system that always helps the members to seed their torrents whenever the uploading conditions are too hard.
    Since the torrents run out of leechers very fast, sometimes it gets really difficult to seed back the torrent you have just downloaded.

    The Idea behind this is.

    If you get on a torrent early, and you upload while your downloading, and upload after you finish, you will never need SP.

    But if you jump on a torrent later, and you cant upload because there is not enough leechers, you will not get banned, because the system gives you a 1 ratio, for just staying on the torrent.

    And its not months of waiting for another leecher to show up.

    How can I get the Seed Points?

    There are some requirements that must be met so your torrent becomes eligible for the Seed Points mod. All the requirements must be met at the same time, otherwise you will not collect any Seed Points.

    1. You must have the full torrent downloaded. If you grab only a small part of it, you will never receive Seed Points.
    2. The individual ratio for the torrent you are seeding must be less than 1.000. If you have a torrent which ratio is Inf. (Infinite), you will not receive Seed Points too, because Infinite is higher than 1.000.
    3. You must not be the torrent Uploader.
    4. You must have the torrent active in your torrent history.
    5. You must have at least 72 hours of active time on the torrent. The active time is the total time that you spent connected to that torrent while downloading and seeding it. Only after the initial 72 hours of active time you will start receiving Seed Points. If the torrent has less than 500MB in size, then you will only need an active time of 36 hours to start collecting Seed Points.
    6. The seeder/leecher ratio must either be equal or higher than 20:1, which means 20 seeders for each leecher. If a torrent has 0 leechers, then you do not have to worry about how many seeders there are, because you will receive Seed Points anyway.

    The Next bit is an HTML table, which obviously i cant do on this forum, so the formatting of this may look daft, but it may give you an idea.

    Seeders : Leechers : Seeder/Leecher ratio : Will I get Seed Points?
    ...1....:...0......:....1/0 = Infinite....:........YES........
    ...10...:...0......:....10/0 = Infinite...:........YES........
    ...20....:..0......:....20/0 = Infinite...:........YES........
    ...20....:..1......:....20/1 = 20.........:........YES........
    ...20....:..2......:....20/2 = 10.........:........NO........

    There are more, but that gives you the general gist of how it works.

    You can now seed a maximum of 999 torrents regardless of your class and still receive Seed Points. Unlike in the past, the number of torrents you seed does not now restrict whether or not you will receive Seed Points. (this used to be 15).

    Do I receive Seed Points for all torrents I am seeding at the same time?

    No. You will only receive Seed Points for 2 torrents of all you are seeding. So, if you are a Power User and seeding 10 torrents at the same time, you will only receive Seed Points for 2 of them at the same time.
    Those 2 torrents are automatically chosen by the system, being the ones with lowest individual ratios.

    How long do I need to keep seeding and receiving Seed Points?

    Every torrent has a Cost, which is how many points you will need to collect until you are done seeding it. That Cost is calculated automatically and based on the torrent original size.
    For each 100MB in size, 1 point will be added to the torrent Cost, but there is a minimum Cost of 10 points.
    So, if you have a torrent with 1GB in size, it's Cost will be 10. Torrents with 5Gb will have a Cost of 50 and so on. But a torrent with 500MB will have a Cost of 10, because of the minimum Cost.
    Also, if you upload some data of the torrent while seeding it, that will be used to reduce the torrent Cost, but always respecting the minimum Cost.

    What happens when I receive as many Seed Points as the torrent Cost?

    When this happens, within 15 minutes, the individual ratio for the torrent will be set equal to 1.000, and the upload amount added to the torrent so it could become 1.000 will also be added to your global ratio.

    Why do I have more Seed Points than the torrent Cost?

    This will always happen when you have reached the torrent Cost, but the torrent is no longer eligible for Seed Points. In this case, you will have to keep seeding the torrent until it becomes eligible one last time, so you receive your credits.

    When can I stop a torrent?

    You can always stop a torrent if it has an individual ratio of at least 0.800. So, if you are collecting Seed Points for a torrent, the moment you have enough points to match the torrent Cost, it will have an individual ratio of 1.000, being safe for you to stop it.

    Where can I see the Seed Points?

    They are listed in your user details page. To access that page, you will have to click on your user name at the top left corner of the tracker site.

    Then, click on the the link right next to the field "Currently seeding". The last two columns are used to show Seed Points info.

    You can also click on the link "View SP details" to have more detailed info on the torrents you are seeding, regarding Seed Points. (this has changed a little now, but cant be bothered to do a new pic).

    Donors do get privilages, but i wont go into them here, just go to donate.php on the tracker to see them if you are a member.

    Hope this helps, members and non soon to be members alike, it does look a bit overwhelming at first, but the way i look at it.

    Seed what you download, if you cant upload, but at least you try we will give you the upload.

    So to me its really easy to grasp, as the system does all the number crunching for you.

    PS: we now have 12,000 alive torrents on the tracker, so torrents with at least 1 seed. not the 6,000 that is shown in the picture by the OP.
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    Nice One,It's Not easy to get an invite \ account on it!

    thanks anyway.

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    Ok we now have a small wiki for all non members that are waiting to get in, thanks to comtois one of our VIPs.

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    Looks nice, although (without trying to offend) you still have some work to do Some links to other articles are missing, for example "Donation Privileges" in the SP FAQ for newbies. Also, categorizing articles will make information easier to find as more stuff is written.

    I've noticed everyone can edit pages at the moment, is that intentional?
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    tbh we dont have anything to do with it, its all on comtois, i will check it out once its finished.

    Thing is we have a wiki in our forums, but you have to be a member to view them, which sort of defeats the purpose of whats in this one in the forum one.

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    i agree, it needs work, but for the purposes of letting non-members know the rules before giving them a referral, it suits it's purpose. i wish i had time to go through it all and fix the links and add new info, but i'm pretty busy these days. i'm hoping someone will jump in and help out, but we'll see.

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    mm look's nice !

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    GREAT review bro

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