AlloTracker is a french general tracker. It contains all the last french contents available for torrenting, with decent download speeds. Except music content, no such category will be available.
It's common to have hundreds of seed for popular download. Ratio is easy to maintain.
It's not a strictly private tracker, you just need to register (registration opened at the moment). No invite system, no bonus system for the moment.
After the death of Snowtigers tracker, I have searched for a good french content tracker. In my opinion, AlloTracker is the best available.

Torrent Categories
See it in the previous screenshot:
- Animes : cartoons
- Apps : Softwares (Linux/Windows/Mac)
- Concerts : Live music videos
- Console : games (Wii/PSP/XBox/NDS)
- Documentaires : documentary videos
- DVD : DVD iso
- DVDSCR : DVD screener (movies in french language or with french subtitles)
- Ebooks : french ebooks
- Films : DVDRip ou HDRip of movies in french language or with french subtitles
- Jeux PC : PC games
- PORN : adult videos
- Series TV : TV series in french language or with french subtitles
- Sport : sport related videos
- TV HD : HD TV series in french language or with french subtitles

Browse Page
See home page. The left part of the page list the TV Series by name for easy access.

No forum section, but you can chat on IRC (Mibbit)

No hard specific rules. You have to maintain a minimum ratio of 0.5 when you have download 20 GB. You can make a donation (only through Paypal) to become a VIP member (no ratio rule).
You have to ask the staff if you want to be an uploader.

User Classes
Member, VIP. You can choose a custom title.