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    TV Torrents

    One of the underestimated trackers at all, like the IPT. TVT is one time closed for signup, but getting in with the invitation is not too hard, because of the large number of members and weak demands for that tracker.

    The interface is not what you used to see on most tracker, most will not like it, but i am satisfied. When you use to it, there will be no problem. In the "Shows" you have three drop down menus, in order - all series, running shows, and by categories (genre).Also nice options like a list of top rated series, upcoming / recently broadcasted episodes by date, calendar episodes and some other little things that would come into expression only if the site was a little more beautiful and clearly. But when you find out were some stuff is,you'll appreciate it what it got.

    TvT has an untypical ratio system, let's say it doesn't have it. But, it not means that upload should not worry you. Instead of classical download and upload measured in kB>, the TvT is handled with Credits.

    Most important - content. In the statistics tracker is currently monitoring 12,936 active torrents.
    It does not write how much users they have, but according to daily statistics about 42000 users online daily.So it mean the registered is much more.
    Speeds are decent, especially the popular series.Things are uploaded unpacked.So. Avi /. Mkv files.

    Content is organized according to categories (genres) in which are the series. Within each series episodes are categorized according to seasons, and after the end of the season, a single torrent is thrown into a torrent, and then the season has a couple of torrents, one for each edition (HDTV, 720p, DVDRip etc.), which is quite clearly and simply . Interesting, there are no DVD-R image releases, but only rips, as well as no extras (bonus material,prohibited upload).

    Invitations - with invitation you get at least 1GCredits, upwards, depending on how your inviter give you. On the other hand, to invite someone, you must have at least 11 GCredits and be a member of 3 months. Or more, depending how much you have wide hands. Also, can send a maximum of 3 invitations to 3 months.When you invite someone you lose 1GCredits on that person.Or more, depending how wide hands you have. Also, you can send a maximum of 3 invitations in 3 months.

    In short, if you like TV content, have BitMeTV or not, TvT is must have.Yea and also there is no forum.

    The first things that many users will notice is the unique user interface; useful links on the left and adverts (from Amazon no less!) on the right, with news down the centre. After a bit of exploring I found that TVT wasn't like most other BitTorrent Trackers; there wasn't a browse page as such. You just search what you are interested in and that's it. Similar to TV.T.RO, the site uses a neutral blue to display itself.

    One feature I like alot is the fact you can add individual shows, not torrents, to you favourites list. Then under the "My" section on the left of the page, by clicking the "New fav torrents" you can see if there are any new torrents relating to you favourite shows.

    As mentioned, TVT tracks TV shows... a lot of TV shows. 1397 in total! The majority are USA or UK produced, so I'm afraid to say not all people will find the site very useful.

    Another unique feature to the site is the credit system inplace of a ratio system. Essentially, your credits (say 20Gcredits) are your buffer (so a buffer of 20Gb); if you download 4Gb, you Gcredits go down by 4. There's Tcredits, Gcredits, Mcredits, and Credits. Though, there is one problem here; if you have no credits, you cannot download a show to seed back; so if you do get invited make sure, you inviter gives you some!

    Stangely, there doesn't seem to be a forum! However, if it's socialising with other memebers you want to do, there is a chat box (unsure of whether it's an IRC chat box).

    Speeds vary; most are typical home connections, so torrents with few seeders tend to be slow. However, more often than not, popular shows (such as Lost) get seeders in the thousands.

    Again, just a TV.T.RO, if you find yourself unable to attract a BMTV invite, then TVT is a very good alternative, and in my opinion, a most underrated tracker.
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