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    Sparvar is a rather new, swedish tracker. Their name for the tracker may seem weird, and it kinda is. It means 'sparrow' and comes from what Monique Wadstedt said in the Pirate Bay-trial in April/May.
    Quoting from thread explaining:
    It goes back to the court proceedings against The Pirate Bay. Monique Wadsted, one of the prosecutors and representing the american film companies in The Pirate Bay trial, became infamous for her 'fried sparrows' analogy of file sharing in her final statement, on the last day of the trial:

    (translated from swedish, translation stolen from a blogg on the net)

    To consume movies and TV shows through The Pirate Bay is like lying on your back and let fried sparrows fly into your mouth, regardless of whether or not you’re hungry. The sparrows are also piled up around you so you can consume them whenever you want, requiring no effort on your part.

    Also translation of the user-classes:
    Sparvbestånd - Sparrow population (Max users)
    Ringmärkta sparvar - Ringed sparrows (Enabled users)
    Sparvungar - Sparrow babies (User, default class)
    Sparvar - Sparrows (Power user)
    Hederssparvar - VIP sparrows
    Upphöjda sparvar - Exalted sparrows (Class above Power user)
    Gudomliga sparvar - Divine sparrows (Highest user class)
    Vingklippta sparvar - Wing clipped sparrows (Ratio warned)
    Skrämda sparvar - Frightened sparrows (Warned)
    Stekta sparvar - Fried sparrows (Banned users)
    Fågelfrön - Bird seed (Bonus points)
    Fågelguden - The Bird God
    Ornitolog - Ornithologist (Staff member)
    They started off in the beginning of May, 4th of May to be exact. At this time, very many trackers from Sweden had shut down in fear due to the Pirate Bay trial, threatening mails from the Anti-Piracy-Burea etc. so a gang of Ornithologists decided to start a new tracker.

    As said, they're very new but just after 4 months they index 4,5k torrents in their Archive Section and 200 in 'New', wich is very, very impressive! About 2,3K of those in the Archive Section are PAL DVDR and then there's mostly XviD TV and TV DVDR, they got a few other categories though. They're like swebits; strictly swedish-related material allowed; swedish, swedish-subbed etc. There's some exceptions though; they don't allow apps, music or porn like swebits, only Movies and TV in various forms.

    The userbase is rather good since they began by only letting a very high userclass of TTi and SweDVDr in; then they started with the invite-application and that weeds out most of the inactive and bad users. The tracker have some unique features like 'Spaningstornet' that let's you add IMDB-ID's or IMDB-links into this 'Spaningstorn'("Watchout/Watchingtower") and when a matching release of the IMDB-link is uploaded you'll be notified - so if you're waiting for a movie but don't know an exact date for the release this is a great tool! Their 'Fågelfrön'-system(bonuspoints-system) is very good and unique; this is pretty much the "formula":
    Archive/New-section bonus*Time bonus*Sizebonus=Total bonus for one torrent.
    Further explained, translated:
    Archive/New bonus

    • New-section torrent: 0.7 points
    • Archive-section torrent: 1.1 points


    • Newer than 4 days: 0.8 points
    • Older than 4 days, younger than 14 days: 1 points
    • Older than 14 days: 1.2 points

    • Up to 400MB: 0.35 points
    • Up to 2GB: 0.5
    • Up to 10GB: 0.7
    • Larger than 10GB: 0.85

    So if you seed an Archive-section torrent(1.1) that's older than 14 days(1.2) and larger than 10GB you'll get 1.1*1.2*0.85=1.122 points/hour. You also get points for forum posts and comments, uploading and filling requests. As you may see it's rather hard to obtain points - but it should be like this! It makes you work hard for an invite or something alike! Or you can gamble 6000 points on the Fågelguden/Birdgod, if you do this a random faith will be decided for you; you can gain a numerous of invites, they can be removed, you can get a 2 week warning, you can get VIP membership for one month, you can get 50+GB on your download, you can get 50-GB on you Download etc, etc, pretty much anything can happen. Staff won't say exactly what can happen, that'll probably be a secret forever.

    Their forum is rather active and the members are helpful, nice and good members, just like on SweBits. They have an english section where you can ask for translations of news etc. if you're not swedish and want better translations than Google Translate's.

    They have FL on picked torrents(mostly popular,big files and packs) so it's easy to improve your ratio that way, otherwise it's not so easy to reach a 1.0 ratio on torrents unless you're early/have a high-speed connection. There's mostly scene, P2P is allowed but then only from recognized groups; so ripping a dvd of your's,encode and upload is not allowed.

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    # of members: 7137/8000
    # of seeders: 68268
    # of leechers: 1095
    # of torrents: 14894, no dead torrents it seems

    pretime: n/a
    content: 7 (a good amount but few monster sized packs)
    speed: 6 (varies widely, decent number of seedboxes)
    overall: 7

    Invites: You can buy them in bonus point shop, think it works out at seed 40 torrents for 30 days for an invite.

    Free leech: 352 torrents, bonus points as well. I found it to be tricky to keep a good ratio.

    Notes: It is in Swedish. Cant think of anything better to say

    edit: whoever put 8 in pretimes was just wrong.
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    Done, thx.

    As for the ratio, would you say hard or moderate then?

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    I dont like downloading random freeleech torrents and keeping them for ages just to seed for ratio, so tricky for me.

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    Stays as it is then.


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