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    As you may have noticed we've moved to our new home at! Unfortunately this was forced upon us due to issues with our old hosts. However this means we've been able to move to a faster, more reliable server!

    One downside of this move is that we have to change our tracker url. This means you'll have to update your torrents to use this new tracker url. We've been working on some guides to make this process easier, available here. We'll be trying to add as many as possible to cover every torrent client and make things easy for you. Don't get into too much of a panic though, as we're running both trackers in parallel for the time being so you'll have at least two weeks until you might start having issues with the old tracker.

    In addition to this move we've got a new batch of features in, courtesy of keepahold! We have a new community XP system which gives you the recognition you deserve for contributions to the libble community with badges! More info on this coming soon, in the meantime you can check your progress by checking out your profile page.

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    Short Info

    Tracker: Libble
    Tracker URL:
    Open Signups?: Quite often, there's also an invite system
    Category: Music
    Number of Users: ~ 6200
    Number of Torrents: ~ 15400
    IRC: irc://


    Browse page

    User Classes

    You must be free of warnings to transcend user classes.

    This system is currently being tested out, and it may be subject to further changes in the future. But for now:

    Platinum users: Top 2%,
    Gold users: Top 4%,
    Silver users: Top 7%,
    Bronze users: Top 15%.

    Special Classes

    VIP: Special people selected by the staff, such as Subscribers, they receive unlimited invites.
    Torrent Celebrity: Staff at another tracker, generally approved by a staff member.

    Promotions will be done twice per month, and you'll be able go down as well as up!
    Getting Invites

    Every month, on the 8th, each Bronze member gets one invite (max of 1).

    Every month, on the 8th and the 22nd, each Silver, Gold and Platinum member gets one invite.

    Silver members have a maximum of 2 invites, Gold 3 invites and Platinum 4.

    There is a hard maximum of 10 invites for all classes, that cannot be exceeded by bonus invites.

    Libble is a music tracker. They initially had some sort of TBdev frontend, but switched to Gazelle by mid-2008. An interesting feature is that they don't keep track of your global ratio, but have a "Share Rank" system to make sure "everyone contributes back to the site". Your rank is increased by uploading, snatching and seeding torrents, and decreased by hit & running, for example. If your rank drops below -20, you're instantly banned.

    About their content, they have a lot of torrents and some exclusive Mixtapes, which are freeleech - but otherwise aren't at the bigger music trackers' levels, in my opinion. Retention isn't the best (probably due to the ratio-free scheme), they're missing a lot of popular stuff, and according the stats, only one third of their userbase seems to be actually active on the site.

    Bronze users and above get access to the "Invites" subforum, where unlimited and XTC offers can be found, as well as many other trackers users share invites to (IPT, PTM, Waffles, PTPC, and other mid-low level sites). You need to be a Silver user or above to qualify for a What invite. You may have a hard time advancing from User to Bronze in the beginning, since apart from being among the top 15% users on the site, it appears you must also have a certain amount of "experience" points. Experience is visible in your profile page, and is gained by posting on the forums (1p./post), commenting on torrents (1p./comment), requesting (no idea of what the experience gain is here), and snatching torrents (1p./snatch). Longevity also grants you experience, one point per month you've been registered.

    If you have more information, feel free to post it.
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    if your rank drops below -20, you're instantly banned. .... Actually it's -10 these days, and you can do this twice before a ban for not seeding back . [ Hi mn ] :-)

    * Also the site has really picked up in a big way in the last year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 303 View Post
    if your rank drops below -20, you're instantly banned. .... Actually it's -10 these days, and you can do this twice before a ban for not seeding back .
    Thanks for the correction. I'd edit my post, but the edit button appears to be disabled in this section. Oh well...

    [ Hi mn ] :-)
    You're mn? If so, why not using your other account... or am I missing something?
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    -Misunderstanding - I am not mn. Just mentioned it because of the quote under your post. :-)
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    Aw, yes. I'm not a big fan of putting quotes in my signatures, but that was a good one.
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