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    This site really has become much better.

    stats this evening.

    Registered users 46,609
    Online users (last 15 mins) 695
    Active users (last 24 hours) 12,676
    Torrents 9,011
    Peers 72,115
    Seeders 67,266
    Leechers 4,849
    Seeder/leecher ratio 1387%

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    BitGamer | BG | 2011 Review

    Tracker Name : BitGamer

    URL : or
    Sign up Status: Invites only.

    IRC Details : bitGAMER #bitgamer

    This tracker in my opinion is one of the best tracker for games cuz they support a lot of devices like PC , Mac, Android Phones , Iphones , Xbox and PSP .....etc . They have a lot of seeders and a lot of members [46,848+].And also don't worry about seeding and ratio cuz there are lots of leechers.. If you are an uploader or about seeders id you are downloader . They have a good system for torrent next to Freeleech " Golden Torrent " which I described below. And the Speed browsing/downloading is very fast. The interface is also beautiful.


    Home Page


    Browse Page

    The forum have members can give you invites for other trackers if you are a good member.



    User Classes

    Invites System

    Fair for Everyone

    New System Details
    There are two things to keep in mind in the new system: Your personal cap and your class cap. Power Users and above receive 1 invite every 15 days (every 10 days in the case of Elite VIPs), up to either your personal cap and your class cap, whichever is lower of the two.

    Personal cap: Power Users and above are assigned a dynamic personal invite cap based on the performance of their past invitees. The exact details of this cap are are not made publicly available to keep people from gaming the system. However, if you invite good members and help them to get on their feet then you'll earn a higher personal cap.

    Class cap: Your class cap is entirely determined by your userclass. These values may change over time at the discretion of the staff, but are otherwise steady. These values do not change based on the performance of your invitees.

    The class caps are as follows:
    Power User: 3
    Elite User: 5
    VIP: 10
    Elite VIP: 15
    Honored Members have unlimited invites.

    Golden Torrent


    Tracker Stats

    My personal Ratings
    Content : 9/10
    Speed : 9/10
    Rank : 8/10

    P.S. Go to the image location for more clear pic details.
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    Comes after BCG

    And he respected members


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