PackMe.IN (also known as PiN or The Donkey) is a pack tracker which aims to become the largest pack repository in the bittorrent community.


Pack categories include: Anime, Apps, Audiobooks, eBooks, eVideos, Films, Games, Music Videos, Porn, and TV

Download System

PackMe.IN uses a unique download and upload system. Users are required to seed all torrents for a certain number of days and the more they seed and upload the more Pack Points they get which can be used throughout the site in the Shop to purchase promotions, custom titles, and generate unique avatars. Staff is always working hard to provide more purchasable items.

User Promotion System

Users are promoted at PiN by an automated promotion system. After being generally active on site by torrent snatching/uploading/forum posting users may spend some of their Pack Points to be promoted to the next class. Perks of promotions include more available options to customize avatars as well as access to special forums.

Invite System

Only staff and recruiters can give invites to PiN. There is a permanent invite channel on (#PackMe.IN) where users can come to be interviewed for an invite. There are also recruiters in various irc's which can be private messaged for an interview.

Other Pages

While PackMe.IN uses a TBDev source it is very heavily customized both in design and layout. The Index, Browse, Forums, Requests, Donate, Chat, Rules, and FAQ links are far from their originals. Old pages are frequently renovated and new pages are constantly being added.

Staff would like to welcome any and all to join by coming to our IRC and we'll keep on getting new members for as long as sever can support them.