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    Tracker URL:
    Category: 0-Day
    IRC Information: / #phoenix-invites
    Number Members: 3,828
    Number Seeders / Leechers: 2,126/63

    * They are still new and have a great community. They are working on speed and how to get there very quickly in the near future.
    * What makes this tracker different is the "Pot of Gold" and the "Crazy Hour". If members want they could make the site freeleech all the time, as long as they have the karma and coins to do it. Also the options to make torrents free for a day. They also have the PTFiles Daily Trivia going...that is great fun as the questions differ each day.


    Browse Page:



    User Classes:

    Something special about the tracker:
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    PTFiles | PTF | Scene | 0-day | 2011
    Tracker Url: PTFiles
    -- Invite Only --

    PTF is a private torrent community with a lot of history. It was formerly known as Phoenix Torrent and the current incarnation of the site was re-launched back in 2008 as PTFiles. Although it isnít as popular or as large as the likes of TorrentLeech, PTF is one of the most feature rich general trackers currently in existence. Seriously, this tracker has so many options, features, bonus systems, free leech types, member reward schemes, etc it would actually take new users some time to get used to it all.
    Apart from the regular scene and non scene content found on most similar trackers, PTF features releases from P2P groups EMBER, UnKnOwN, Hive-CM8, LKRG and SiC.

    | Home & Stats [19/08/2011] |

    | Categories & Torrents |

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    | Bonus Points System |

    | Features |
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    | Conclusion |

    Though its invite only tracker, u can get invite easily through forums, friends and their IRC recruitment system. If u have a lots of time to spare, PTFiles will be the best place. It's very easy too seed and survive. And earning points at PTF is very easy. This Tracker and has lots of freeleech. So it's a very good choice for a noob. One of the most unique about this tracker is it's style settings, it's lyk a doodle game...Don't believe me, See for yourselves.
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