TRG (TorrentRage) is a fairly new 0day tracker which aims to create an active, small userbased community With all the 0day Stuff around
It has a clean black layout and some warm and helpful Staff in positions.


The categories are: Appz, Cartoons, Games Pc, Games PS2, Games PSP, Games XBOX, Movie Packs, Movies DVD , Movies HD, Movies XVID, Music, Other, TV Episodes , Videoclips, XxX.

User Promotion System

Invite System

Only staff has invites now, and it's not going to change anytime soon.
Sign ups are open for a limited amount of time untill we will meet our expectations.

A Heads Up

Staff will always scan accounts to see if they are really active.
We are looking for active members that will contribute to the site by leeching, seeding and posting in the forums.
If they aren't we will act accordingly.
As of now we didn't IP Banned any country yet as We believe in giving away a fair shot to everyone.
Please don't let us down because we will calculate statistics.

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