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Thread: Appz Bitshock Review

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    Appz Bitshock is widely considered as the best tracker currently for appz.
    Applications are usually uploaded to the tracker within minutes after their
    release, and there's also a requests section for specific torrents.
    This tracker has all the latest scene content plus some really cool packs.
    As far as the design goes itís a pretty cool looking tracker.
    Itís well laid out and easy to navigate.

    Alexa Rank

    SIGNUP Link
    HOME Link
    STAFF Link

    Stats :

    User Options :

    UserInvites : No
    Signup keys :Yes
    Request : Yes
    ShoutBox : Yes
    User Upload : yes
    Bookmarks : Yes
    Signature : Yes
    Happy Hour :Yes
    FreeLeech : yes
    SeedPoints : No

    3D/Addons/Crack/E-Books/Graphics/ISO/Linux/MAC/Mobile/Packs/PDA/Scripts/ Security/Server/Tutorials/Web templates/ Windows

    Browse :

    Forum :

    Profile :

    Torrents Statistics :

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  2. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #2
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    This the last news from past year!
    It seems dead.


    Hey guys and girls, users of Appz.Bitshock Tracker.
    I,CristianoR have decided that it`s the best choice to let you knowabout our future plans regarding Appz,
    so I have decided to release this note so all of you know what are our future plans .

    So, let`s get started :

    First of all, I have spoken with putyn and all other Appz.Bitshock Staff, and we have came to a conclusion.
    We think it`s into the best benefit to close Appz.Bitshock (wait for it.... ) for a close period of time .
    Why did we came with this conclusion ? Well, I`ll mention our reasons down :

    - Fist of all, we want to change our source, this meaning tones of work and since we don`t have so much free
    time to do it now,we have decided to change it after the Christmas Hollidays ; with the new source, lots of
    features will be available (karma sistem for example) ;
    - Some finance problems, problems that will probably be fixed starting 2011 ;
    - Some seedbox problems . As you probably know, we had 2 'home made seedboxes' (2x1TB, 25 mbps) and both of
    them, into the last month were down . This will (probably be fixed too)

    Well, what can I say ? There are more other reasons (for example the lack of interest from lots of
    users -RESPECT to those who were near us all the time!-, but again, this problem will be fixed too)

    So! This decision was taken 2 weeks ago, that`s why we have decided to stop the autouploader. In a couple of
    days, the site will be dead so don`t worry :

    WE WILL COME BACK, better that we were !

  3. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #3
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    Aug 2009
    There is not a review for classic!), but the tracker name should to show (R.I.P) aside.

    Dear colleagues and esteemed BitShock members,

    with the greatest regret we announce for March 16th the end of's tracker.
    We have not yet decided whether it will be a permanent measure, or if it'll return in a more or less close future, but right now, for several reasons, we are forced to interrupt our activity.
    We thank all those who have been with us, but especially those who have contributed to the smooth functioning of our forum and tracker.
    Enjoy 3 days of general freeleech!


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