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Thread: STMusic Review

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    [LEFT]This is one of the overlooked music sites that is really being noticed now with the demise of oink. The amount of users on the site has really exploded in the last week. For some reason the number 60,000 users is coming to my head but I can't find on the site where that came from. (I will edit this if anybody knows the number). Right now the site is open signup but I am sure it will close soon and hope to become the next big music site. It has around 15,000 torrents right now, however the staff now allows users to upload their own content so that number will be outdated by the time you read this.

    Here are the site's categories:

    Top seeded torrents:

    There is a nice seed bonus system so unlike oink it is very easy to keep a ratio:

    User Classes:

    Overall I think this tracker is going places especially with theirs Mod's flexibility with the tracker, such as letting all users upload when it was requested.
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