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Thread: Waffles.FM Review

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    Waffles is another new tracker whic appeared after oink was raided. Waffle has great content, great design and the most important thing, they have great staff.

    As i said before, waffles has great content and the reason for that is that they have great request section and that everybody are able to upload. Waffles has grown really fast and they will be bigger after invitesystem will be opened again (now they are closed, because earlier ddos -attack).

    waffles has a great community and great forums. You will find active friend there.

    If i have to choose between and waffles, i will choose waffles, because it's just perfect.

    Here's a topten list all the torrents. I don't put the image here, just the link because the picture is so big.

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    Thanks for this! Good to see what it's about.

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    Staff there is really good, no doubt about that.

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    After time, we can see the disparity between content and userbase between this site and What. But I have to say I like this community more than What's, with initiatives that Waffles has done, like the toy drives and Japan relief donations.

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    # of torrents: 339611
    # of members: 93596
    # of seeders: 1326771
    # of leechers: 27042

    pretime: n/a
    speed: 8 (allows user uploads, great retention, many boxes)
    content: 9 (a lot of stuffs)
    overall: 10 (splitting hairs to seperate what and waffles, but both deserve 10's)

    Invites: A lot available. Think backdoor access on some other sites via staff invite threads still exists.

    Free leech: Has had sitewide, 56 torrents are free, staff picks, events, entertaining bonus shop (entertains me as I have a lot of points ).

    Ratio: hard. No site with partial seeders is ever easy.

    Notes: Difficulty, if you are hardcore torrenter probably medium. You can argue the toss between what and waffles for the definitive music tracker title (it is What) but both are pretty damn good. Since this is the Waffles thread it is of course really Waffles Would agree that Waffles seems friendlier and has more community and events. It is also the only site where I am going to get 20k downloads.

    Hint: search for "tag: freeleech" without quotes for free stuff. Make sure it actually is free though. I used to RSS feed it as well for more upload.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smcewa11 View Post
    Hint: search for "tag: freeleech" without quotes for free stuff. Make sure it actually is free though.
    There was an advanced search operator you could use to get freeleech and freeleech only torrents. They were marked with a bomb icon, if I remember correctly.

    The review could use some updating...
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Yeah, I have to admit, waffles is -by far- the hardest tracker to keep a solid ratio that I know of. Most excellent selection though, and between and just about anything and everything I've ever wanted, music wise, I've been able to find on either/or.

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    If you used it during all the freeleech that has been lately, then it's incredible you have trouble. I went from almost losing PU+ status to over 65GB buffer in less than a year, just from seeding most things I grabbed especially during freeleech. And I don't have a fast line (1Mbit up).
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFoX View Post
    In the old days, if you misbehaved on a tracker, you got disabled, or worse, IP banned.

    Nowadays, there are more trackers than there are members, so if your tracker misbehaves, they get bookmark removed, or worse, URL deleted.

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    I love waffles! You can find almost everything here! I'm a power user, so I can get access to the top 50 of each genre. I've found a lot of great music. They also have articles written by various members--they are fantastic, exposed me to a ton of great music. It's just good people on here. Also, they have free leach torrents of members' music... good stuff!

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