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Thread: RuTorrents review

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    This review was already posted by me on some other forums, here's a little bit updated variant

    Answers to popular questions:
    - the only availible language for the tracker is russian. no engilsh. non. nicht
    - but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. here's a link to a great translate tool, a firefox plugin, FoxLingo
    personally, i translated screenshots using the other method, promt 8.0 via its plugin for firefox, it works also but requires a huge piece of software installed
    - tracker is availible for registrations 18 hrs from 24, sample registrations screen are placed in the review.
    - yes, there are ads on the tracker, can be easily blocked, you should know the tricks
    - easiest way to use it - searchbar for the tracker is located at the top right corner


    Registration Page:;agreed=true

    Tracker search page:

    (irc is pretty much dead as it seems )))

    i'm not 100% good in english so if you'll find some mistakes - please correct me, pm me if you're user or if you're staff - you know what to do )
    I dedicate this review to zaa730/"psp"/WarrenBuffet ))))
    Lucky, MarkupMaster, DreamCatcher and everybody - thanks )
    "Best kept secret"
    Anyway, most of the screenshots were translated with promt 8.0, originally site is in russian.
    Using these screens it should be very easy for you to navigate, or you can repeat my steps installing this translator.
    Separate words can be translated at, texts/open urls - or google translate )

    So, is the russian's biggest and it seems that it's the world's biggest and best tracker with ratio system and moderation.
    some numbers:
    150+ moderators
    500 non-russian mainstream dvd's only from year 2005 (as an example)
    350.000 torrents
    500 TB torrents size amount
    1.900.000+ users
    4.000.000+ peers
    9.000.000+ messages
    12.000+ users at the tracker at the same time recorded maximum

    every tracker search is limited to 500 results maximum
    speeds of course are very good at new and popular torrents (although there's almost no seedboxes in Russia), on older torrents speeds can be disappointing but content worth it 200%
    if you have at least decent pipe, ratio will not be a problem for you. at all.

    Some sections like tv-series or dvd-rips are of no value for non-russian users but there's a lot of content that is not directly linked to russian language:
    music, hd/dvd movies, teaching stuff, software, sport show....

    Tracker is closely integrated with forum and torrents can be reached two ways - through front page (less convinient) and through tracker search page. link is located close to left upper corner and called Tpekep. and from there it's very convinient to navigate. Search is ||О|/|CK.
    All right, this was the main hints, they will be repeated in screenshots along with the other useful information ) let's start


    Browse page example:

    Art House

    Torrent description example:


    FAQ: tracker, forum

    FAQ: ratio, statistics

    FAQ: search page

    Search results examples:

    Classic movies:

    Mainstream DVD's:

    Mainstream HD:

    National Geographic:

    Formula 1:

    Comic books:

    Belly dance:

    Microsoft OS video lessons:

    Classical orchestral lossless:

    Hip-Hop videos:

    Windows Vista:

    Registration page:

    Closed registrations page:

    P.S. critics and questions are welcomed, if you need any help with the tracker - pm me
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    Just noticed that Google Chrome now has a built in translate feature - should be pretty useful for people wanting to use the site (or you could just use the FF addon mentioned).

    Also, do you guys think that this thread and the WTO entry should be renamed to Or will people be more accustomed to looking for in the title?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rart View Post
    Also, do you guys think that this thread and the WTO entry should be renamed to Or will people be more accustomed to looking for in the title?
    Perhaps you can put both?

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    What is the minimum ratio you have to maintain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXHD-LoverXx View Post
    What is the minimum ratio you have to maintain?
    I think it's 0.3.
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    always near u
    i think its better than demonoid at times.
    do good and good will come back to u

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    yes it is a very nice site and I like it very much open register one hour a day

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    maybe one of the hottest PT site in the world.

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    I really like the site but I find in some films if there's any writing it's in Russian . Is there anyway to know if this is the case before downloading the torrent.

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    Tried translating the descriptions via Google?
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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