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Thread: FilmDom Review

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    223 - Untouched DVD tracker running on Gazelle

    The site is new and small and at the moment invites are available at forums if you're interested.

    There is a mix of mainstream movies, classics and even Criterions.

    Another look at some popular torrents.

    These rules ensure quality. Only the untouched VIDEO_TS files of DVDs are allowed. BluRay is allowed too, but nothing there yet and TV show support should be available soon, but as for now it is focused on movies as the site works out the little bugs.

    Ratio rules are pretty fair and freeleech has been on for a bit, with a few contests to get content on board that has continued for a few weeks now, let's see if that holds up.

    Overall, if you love DVDs and especially knowing that the release is going to be just the same as the retail dvd you'd get at the shop, if you love the beauties of Gazelle, and if you love being part of a new site with a really nice staff and a bunch of cool film buffs, then you may want to check out Filmdom. I've been using torrents very minimally lately, but this is a site that seems very promising to me as someone who loves dvds.
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