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Thread: Piratebits Review

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    Piratebits is a swedish tracker with general content, everything from DvD's, Tv episodes and Games. Everything except games have to be with swedish audio or subtitles.
    Piratebits have been around since the early summer of 2005, and Have established itself as one of Swedens best and popular trackers along with Swebits and Swedvdr.

    With excelent speed, superb staff, great design and very active and friendly forums, this tracker is my personal favourite.

    The Browse page looks like this. (updated 2/1-09)

    Number of users.
    (updated 2/1-09)

    Piratebits also have an exelent request part.

    And of corse only scene released material is Allowed.

    Piratebits started with Invites only in October this year, and since then 2472 users have been invited.

    The only way to get invites to Piratebits is to fill in an aplication to staff for it. You have to be poweruser(pirat) to be able to request invites.

    Piratebits userclasses.

    - The default userclass for new members
    Pirat- (poweruser) Member for 4 weeks, 25gb uploaded
    Sjöbjorn - (Extreme user) Member for 10 weeks, 3Tb uploaded!
    M.V.P - (ViP) Have to contribute something special to the tracker
    Other - fls, designer etc..
    Uppladdare - Uploader


    Piratebits irc
    Channels: #piratebits and
    They also have a pre channel..

    if you think something is missing, pm and I'll add it.
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