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    iTS is a new general torrent-tracker with request and offer sections. iTS is slovakian tracker, but the you can choose from the profile that do you want slovakian or english tracker. And when you choose that it's english, the whole tracker is in english.

    The specialty of the tracker is that there is no ratio-system. You can leech as much as you want and only uploaded amount is counted. But this doesn't mean that hit&run is accepted. It's stricktly forbidden. And in iTS every user are able to upload, but only uploaders torrents will be visible immediatly. normal users' uploads will be checked manually by staff before coming visible.

    The Content of the tracker is great. There's czech stuff and english stuff. Tracker allows only Scene-releases to be uploaded. There's too its' own scene-releases which are mostly releases with multidubs (english&czech). The request section just make the tracker better and better when you can find the stuff you're looking for from you friend's collection. iTS has some great pack-releases too.
    Spoiler: Show

    This tracker has good forums. There's own section for many categories to talk and tracker's users are very active to answer to different topics. You will find new happy friends and you will find help for every problem you have at the moment. It's great place to chill out and the Design looks good in everyone's eye. but the most important thing i want to say is this that iTS has the best staff i've ever seen (and i'm veen almost all the trackers ). So iTS has really frienly community afterall.

    iTS has following categories:
    • Anime
    • Appz
    • Console
    • Dox
    • E-books
    • Games/pc
    • Mobile
    • Movies/DVD-R
    • Movies/HD
    • Movies/XviD
    • Music
    • Music/Video
    • Tv Series
    • XXX

    ONly Power users and higher are able to request invites from staff. You can buy invites with your karma too. Anyway that you can buy invites From the "shop", It's very hard. You have to seed 10 torrents 1000 hours or upload many torrents to get enough karma.
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    This tracker is a 10 month old torrent tracker that allows users to upload and is freeleech. What sets iTS apart from other trackers is that lossless music, HD/blurary rips, dvdr's, and AFR's are uploaded very often and are always freeleech.



    Normal browse.


    The forums are in english normal forum layout


    Users may nominate people for invites, but staff must approve.

    Last Updated:6/25/08

    photos removed per request.
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    Thanks for the fantastic review! The no ratio system makes it a very attractive tracker for me.
    It's best to help your friends and be honest instead of burning bridges. There's alot more to life than being a member of the best private tracker. I'm proud to be part of the best community there has ever been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTS View Post
    Thanx guys for this great review.
    I hope i can get it soon.
    please cut it with the spam
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    Updated stats:

    Registered users: 3,732
    Enabled members: 1,319
    Torrents 5,857
    Seeders 7,241
    Leechers 183

    Subjective ratings:
    Content: 8
    Speed: 6
    Overall: 8/10

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    Thanks, updated

    I also put the IRC info and favicon in there. Surprised ratio difficulty was set to "moderate", as they're famous for being ratio-free.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Wow this is even 1337 than Exigo, I wonder what they want to fulfill with this hidden tracker ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amadeu View Post
    Wow this is even 1337 than Exigo, I wonder what they want to fulfill with this hidden tracker ..
    Quote Originally Posted by cinephilia View Post
    shut the fuck up
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."


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