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Thread: The Horror Channel Review

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    The Horror Charnel

    Max users 3000
    Registered users 898
    Unconfirmed users 0
    Male users 620 Female users 49
    Hermaphrodite users
    Torrents 484
    Peers 649
    Seeders 599
    Leechers 50
    Seeder/leecher ratio (%)1198

    The Tracker has The Following Categories

    -- Appz -- -- Audio -- -- Comics -- -- Games -- -- Other -- -- OTR -- 3D! Action Adult Alien Amicus Animals Anime Art House Asian Bizarre Blaxploitation Bollywood Bugs Cannibal Cat III Cheese Children Classic Clowns Comedy Conspiracy Crime Cryptozoological Cult Dead Walking Demons Disaster Documentary Drama Drugs Eco-disaster Euro Shock Exploitation Fantasy Film Noir Foreign Language Free Full Moon Ghosts Giallo Go-Go Gore Grind House Hammer Haunting Hentai Hicksploitation Indie Invasion Kaiju Killer Dolls Mad Doctors Made For TV Martial arts Monster Mothers Mutants Mystery Mythological Necrophilia Nunsploitation Obscure Occult Parasite Possession Post Apocalypse Psychic Psychos Psychosis Puppets Rape-Revenge Re-Incarnation Religious Revenge Satanic Sci-Fi Serial Killers Sexploitation Shockumentary Short Short Stories Silent Slasher Sleaze Something Weird Spaghetti Western Splatter Superhero Supernatural Survival Suspense Thriller Troma TV Horror Uber Low-Budget Unreleased Vampire Video Nasty Voodoo Werewolf Witchcraft Women in prison Zombie

    Power User Must have been be a member for at least 4 weeks, have uploaded at least 25GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05.The promotion is automatic when these conditions are met. Note that you will be automatically demoted from this status if your ratio drops below 0.95 at any time.
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    # of torrents: 6488 with 3935 alive
    # of members: 9,523 (max 666,666,666)
    # of seeders: 10032
    # of leechers: 364

    pretime: n/a
    speed: 7 (speeds varies wildly, user uploads, some seedboxes, many popular and featured torrents on seedbox)
    content: 6 (niche tracker, 3 as a general tv+movies tracker, )
    overall: 6

    Invites: Invite only, not opened in ages (I think). Lots of invites available.

    Free leech: Sitewide often, has one now, lots of free torrents and has bonus shop.

    Ratio: easy.

    Notes: If you like this sort of content then this site is a joy to have. Speed, totals shown on browse page and ranges from 80 MB/s to 40 kB/s, some older torrents hitting 1000 kB/s, some at 20kB/s, so 'varies wildly'.

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    Thank you. Surprisingly, they weren't on the WTO, despite being a relatively popular tracker.
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