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    Inside view:


    : 2006-03-25
    limit: 10,000
    users: 11,000
    leechers: 495
    users: 7,374
    power users: 642
    seeders: 118

    torrents: 1,177
    dead torrents: 153
    peers: 6,944
    seeds: 6,299
    leechers: 645
    downloaded: 65,90 TB
    uploaded: 116,94 TB

    -animated movies
    -polish dubbing
    -polish productions
    -foreign productions
    -oscars 2007
    -concerts/live music shows

    leecher (ratio less then 0,6)
    -user (default class,u have a 7 day safe period-which means u wont be degradated to leecher in that time no matter what ratio u will have)
    -power user (4 weeks, 25gb upl, ratio 1.05)
    -seeder (8 weeks, 100gb upl, ratio 1,25, no warn)
    -vip (promotes when done sth for the site)

    [COLOR=Purple][COLOR=Black]Its a dedicated tracker. Main reason for bringing RMVB to life was the fact that for the last few years polish users had month limit of downloaded stuff. Thats why RMVB staff came up with idea to create site which would specialise in rmvb video encoding. That way the average movie size is 300-400 mb, with little audio/video quality lost.
    Since all the dl limits are off atm, staff is preparing to launch divx/xvid category soon.
    Its polish language based tracker, but there are no problems browsing categoris, all u need is common sense. U can find english version of rules, so its not that hard in the end. Speeds & content are getting better and better since they opened to foreign users.

    They have specific seeding rules, which staff is strict about:
    -ratio 0,6 and less: min. 8hrs
    -ratio 0,61-1,00 : min. 5 hrs
    -ratio 1,01-2,00 : min. 3hrs
    -ratio 2,01 and above: no limits
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    # of torrents: 20253 with 19332 alive
    # of members: 9224 (10000 max)
    # of seeders: 128593
    # of leechers: 1587

    pretime: n/a
    speed: 7 (speeds are good, some seedboxes and a lot of fast home connections)
    content: 8 (another niche tracker, has an decent number of packs)
    overall: 8 (one of a kind?)

    Invites: Invite only. Invites bought with points (points can be from cash or staff gifts or a lot of seeding).

    Free leech: lots of free torrents, 18407 of 19332 right now (and I dont think I messed it up sorting to show only free ), some are +upload and/or -download. Has a bonus shop.

    Ratio: easy.

    Notes: They "specialise in rmvb video encoding". People seem to like it and I dont think there is another tracker that offers stuff in this format? This site definitely feels as if it has more people than it does, a lot of torrent 'action'.

    edit: should be 'has a decent'
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    This one is dead


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