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    Demonoid is variety tracker which currently indexes over 130,000 torrents! Many of them
    are several months old, but there are dozens added every day. Their wide selection is due
    to the fact that they allow anyone upload torrents. I've noticed that many (if not most) of
    the torrents indexed by Demonoid were originally tracked by more exclusive sites. This means
    that the rare and obscure content that was initially only available to specialized tracker
    members is now available to almost everybody.

    The breakdown of torrents is as follows...

    Anime : 3,000
    Applications : 15,000
    Audio Books : 4,000
    Books : 7,000
    Comics : 4,000
    Games : 7,000
    Misc. : 3,000
    Movies : 23,000
    Music : 44,000
    Music : 4,000
    Pictures : 1,000
    TV : 20,000

    Registered Users: Over 3,000,000!

    Ratio really has no effect on your membership. I have seen long-time users there who have a
    consistent ration of <.3.

    Almost everyone is a regular user. If you donate money, you are Supporter and get a few benefits
    including e-mail notification if new torrents, instant ration of 1:1, and a star next to your name. No
    information is given about other classes.

    As I said earlier, everyone may upload. The only restrictions on uploaded content is that there is no
    adult content allowed.

    Full access to torrents is restricted to members, but non-members may download a torrent if it is less than 3 days old.

    You will be allowed to generate invitation codes after you upload so much (In the range of 30-40GB)


    Registrations are open once a month for a 72 hour stretch.
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    ^ thanks, I wonder of this


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