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Thread: Pro Audio Torrents Review

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    Pro Audio Torrents

    Your Home For Music Making

    if you are into music making \ got a studio \ want samples - that is the place for you !!!
    This Tracker IS dedictaed to Music Making Only.

    Stats :
    Registered users 8,742
    Seeders 6,516
    Torrents 1,497
    Leechers 900
    Dead Torrents 3
    Downloaded 204.44 TB
    Seeder/leecher ratio (%)724
    Uploaded 340.11
    TBPeers 7,416
    Total Transferred 544.55 TB

    Site Categories :
    Expansions & Addons
    Mac Audio Apps
    Mac Updates
    PC Audio Apps
    PC Updates
    Samples / Libraries
    Software Tutorials
    VST Instruments
    VST Plug-ins

    These level upgrades do not apply until you have been a member for at least 4 weeks.

    1.0 Ratio, 20GB Uploaded Grants Bronze Status + 1 invite

    1.25 Ratio, 40GB Uploaded Grants Silver Status + 2 invites

    1.45 Ratio, 60GB Uploaded Grants Gold Status + 3 invites

    1.65 Ratio, 80GB Uploaded Grants Platinum Status + 4 invites

    1.85 Ratio, 180GB Uploaded Grants Seeder Status + 5 invites

    2.0 Ratio, 300GB Uploaded & 5 Active Torrents Grants Uploader Status + 6 invites
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    I highly recommend this community, affectionately know as PAT. It has a very active forum and a ton of torrents on every type of torrent imaginable. The members are normally very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about music production.

    Like most private trackers, PAT has rules that it expects its members to follow. For me, it has a good balance between being able to download torrents quickly, but also seed and keep your ratio up.


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