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    UKNova is a UK TV only tracker with a dedicated team of cappers/uploaders supplying the content. Very rarely are Scene releases uploaded (generally only when a cap has failed). It's not your run of the mill TV tracker, like BitMeTV / TVTorrents / TVJunkies, only UK shows are allowed and as the first rule of UKNova states:

    • Nothing that can be bought on DVD or video is allowed on this site. Do not ask for such shows to be posted. If it's available to buy, then buy it.
    It has a great community and the forums are always active whether it is in the 'Coming Up On UKNova...' thread or with Show / Re-Seed requests. If a show is not already due to be uploaded then you can pretty much guarantee that if you request it then someone will.

    As for speed, because the content is all UK and the connections in the UK are crap, they are not particularly great (initially). However once the swarm gets going and there are a few more seeders the speeds are pretty good. There are also many users from around the world after UK content that do have fat pipes which helps speed everything up.

    Pre-Times (used loosely) are generally excellent. Some shows are even uploaded as quickly as 15/20 minutes after the show finished! If not then within a couple of hours.

    Tracker Stats:

    Registered users: ~30000/30000
    Torrents: 1396
    Peers: Info Not Available
    Seeders: Info Not Available
    Leechers: Info Not Available


    User Classes:

    Wait Times:

    NO Invites:

    There is a limit of 30,000 users. When the limit is reached we stop accepting new members. Also, the limit is revised from time to time and may go down as well as up. Accounts which are inactive for 42 days are automatically deleted to make way for new users. There can be up to 300 new accounts available per day.
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