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    lets make it short and brief
    this is one of the music trackers

    they say that their goal is just to provide the absolutely independent music from cool ethical independent labels

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    AKA: IT or #it

    Indietorrents is music site dedicated to independent labels.
    If you're looking for music you hear on the MTV or the radio, or pretty much, anything you've heard of anywhere, this probably won't be of much interest to you.

    However, if you like finding new music. Good new music that isn't overplayed on every media device imagineable, this may be useful to you.

    Speaking from personal experience, it is an indie-pop/rock lover's dream.
    But, as you can see from the categories, there is more there than "indie" so other genre lovers may enjoy the site, too.



    Content Guidelines:

    Ten Most Active Torrents (ATM):

    User Classes:

    Invite System
    (when working): *The invite system is currently down*

    Not sure if this is still possible with invites down, but at one time you could try to get an invite in their IRC channel, however your inviter gets to put "Ass" in your username.

    Opinion & Other Info:
    • The forums are great.
    • The speed can be slow since anyone can upload, but the content is rare and worth it.
    • There's a big chance you haven't heard of most of the things uploaded, but if you like the categories of music there, and you check out the artists, you'll probably find some music you like.
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    URL changed?

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    Looks like they've been down for a while. Maybe died but don't quote me on that.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    I remember not too long ago the site was closing because they didn't want to beg for money (?) but then an influx of donations came in after shutdown from the regulars and it was brought up. Maybe the idea of donations from those people was a one time thing. It's not unlikely that they've shut down for good but I can't confirm since I was not active.
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    By the way, they are back up and migrated to gazelle. The thing before was that apparently they got stuck in some web host glitch where they never paid for hosting yet never got the plug pulled on them.. it went on like this for years and they refused donations.

    But then one day the hosting company realized they were giving away hosting for free and pulled the plug... and so the site went away.. but like you said members freaked out (it's got a psycho community) and now it's back again.

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    Hi everybody, im new here!

    This community is very interesting!! I was following it for a long time although without registering, till now!

    Looking this post, i'd like to ask for you one thing, because of my music passion...
    I love Indie music, electro music, dubstep, ambient, idm, etc, what tracker do u recommend me?
    Indietorrents, Waffles, TranceTorrents?

    Respect to this, EDIT: removed...

    I am looking forward to sharing with you a lot of things!! Greetings!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kskmela View Post
    Respect to this, anybody would have a invite for indietorrents or similar tracker of music? It will make me very happy! (In that case, send me a private message and i ease you the email)
    No, I'd actually advice against that.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Ok, sorry for my ignorance! Understand that's my first message! No problem, no repeat
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